Turkey is on a boil.  The government action against netizens by banning Twitter and Youtube across Turkey is provoking some serious counter action by the netizens themselves.  RedHack today attacked the Turkish Telecommunications Directorate or Telekomünikasyon ?leti?im Ba?kanl??? (Tib) website through a sustained Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

RedHack DDoSes Turkish Telecommunications Directorate Telekomünikasyon ?leti?im Ba?kanl???(Tib) website
The website of TIB was attacked on Thursday night. It was restored on Friday morning but with a additional tr in the url.  The original url listed on Google > tib.gov.tr is still not available and once you tap in tib.gov.tr, you are automatically redirected to a new url with tib.gov.tr/tr/

RedHack then posted the following message on its Twitter account.“You forgot the coordinator of everything while calculating things. The ban is meant to be banned.” T?B on Thursday afternoon blocked the YouTube, hours after a leaked voice recording allegedly featuring the voices of Turkey’s foreign minister, intelligence chief and a top army general discussing the developments in neighbouring war-torn Syria was uploaded on Youtube.    This ban came a week after Twitter was blocked by the T?B in a move widely seen as a response to leaked voice recordings posted on the microblogging site that appear to implicate Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, his close family members and some members of his government in large-scale corruption.


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