FBI’s facial recognition database to have 52 Millions Photos by next year.

The FBI is on its way to achieve the goal of a fully operational face recognition database by next year.

The Recent documents obtained by EFF in response to our Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for information on Next Generation Identification (NGI) shows that the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) database will contain 52 million photos by 2015. which is almost equal to one-third of of the US population.
By the middle of 2013 FBI already had 16 million images to its facial recognition database, report suggests that the database will be capable of processing 55,000 direct photo enrollments daily and of conducting tens of thousands of searches every day. 
what came to be more shocking was that in addition to 46 million criminal images NGI will also include 4.3 million civil images to its database. so the images will be from both Criminal and Non-Criminal  nature.

NGI already contains over 100 million individual records and has been designed to include multiple forms of biometric data, including palm prints, finger prints and iris scans in addition to face recognition data. with which other personal details is used to create personal files of Individuals. this is then shared by state, tribal, local and other Federal Authorities across the United states.
However the Question which rises now is why FBI needs Images of 4.3 Million peoples who are not involved in any Criminal case.

While this database can be used to help law enforcement agencies and improve the Consumers, business and other Organisations it also can cause a innocent to come into the list of suspect for a criminal case.
it’s unclear how such a big database will be managed and what oversights already exist in the planning.
since the recent NSA mass surveillance leaks people are more concerned about their privacy and now this may upset them more. 

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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