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Some say that Privacy is a Myth when you go online. This might be debatable, but we consider privacy is a NON-NEGOTIABLE. Find the most riveting news and updates related to privacy from different companies that will come your way. Stay ahead of others and keep your privacy airtight. 


TikTok Might Soon Get Banned In The US

Due to the recent news about the data privacy breach of users in the US, TikTok is once again in a bad light. TikTok is...

Meta Rolls Out Privacy Policy Update For Instagram And Facebook

Meta, the world’s largest social media platform, on Thursday announced that it has started rolling out notifications to let users know that the company...
Passwordless Logins

Apple, Google, And Microsoft Join Hands For Passwordless Logins

Recently 5th May 2022 was celebrated as World Password Day. Tech Giants namely Apple, Google, And Microsoft joined forces to expand support for passwordless...
Popcorn Time

“Popcorn Time” Shuts Down Due To Lack Of Interest

Popcorn Time, a free pirated alternative to subscription-based video streaming services such as Netflix, was shut down on Tuesday due to the low search for the app...

Future Chromebooks May Warn You When Someone Is Snooping On Your Work

In September, it was learnt that tech giant Google is working on a "Human Presence Sensor" (HPS) for upcoming Chromebooks, which will bring important features like face...
duckduckgo app tracking protection

DuckDuckGo App Launches App Tracking Protection For Android In Beta

DuckDuckGo, the crusader of user privacy in the search engine space, on Thursday announced that it has launched a new feature in its existing...

TikTok Fined €750,000 For Violating Children’s Privacy

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) on Thursday imposed a fine of €750,000 on the popular Chinese video-sharing app TikTok for “violating the privacy...
4anime shut down

4anime Shuts Down Following Legal Pressure

4anime, one of the largest pirate anime streaming websites with millions of visitors, has abruptly shut down without any explanation. Those attempting to access the...
brave search

Brave Takes Aim At Google By Launching Its Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Brave, a privacy-focused browser based on Chromium, on Tuesday announced that it has launched a new privacy-protecting beta search engine for online users that...

Justice Department Withdraws FBI Subpoena Demand For USA TODAY’s Readers’ Data

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has withdrawn a subpoena demanding data about readers of online publication USA TODAY as part of a federal criminal investigation. For...