Two alleged Members of Anonymous Cambodia have been arrested by Cambodian local authorities in collaboration with FBI of United States.

Two Alleged Anonymous Cambodia members arrested

Bun King Mongkolpanha, 21 aka “Black Cyber” or “Machine,” and Chu Songheng, 21 aka “Zoro,” who are students at the SETEC Institute which offers degrees in information technology, were arrested on April 7 for hacking a total of 30 government websites, including those of the National Election Committee (NEC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Anti-Corruption Unit and Phnom Penh Municipality, as well as some private sector sites, according to the statement from the National Police. 

Both have been booked for their alleged role in the hackings and offences levelled against them, each carry a fine between $500 and $1,000 along with a jail term of between one and two years.

The authorities said that the investigation is still going on, and the National Police are continuing to work with the FBI “to get arrest more hackers who took part in the above operations.  Lieutenant General Chhay Sinarith, director of the Ministry of Interior’s internal security department, said in a statement.

However the official twitter account of Anonymous Cambodia hasn’t confirmed the arrests as on now. Instead, the hacktivists have already announced their plans to launch more attacks after a draft of the new cybersecurity law was leaked on April 9. Softpedia reported.


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