Hackers collectively Anonymous has brought down several Pakistani Government websites to show there support to unarmed peaceful Protestors in Pakistan.

Anonymous brings down Pakistani Government websites to support unarmed peaceful protestors in Pakistan

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at more than 25,000 protesters led by the Oppositon group who began to march on the prime minister’s house late Saturday and then attempted to remove barricades around it with cranes, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

The protesters had been camped outside parliament house since August 15 demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif quit, claiming the election which swept him to power last year was rigged. 

Reports suggest that hundreds of protestors were injured by the Police firing and several were killed.

Anonymous affiliated twitter Account @AnonymousGlobo Attacked several Pakistani Government websites after the incident broke up. Official Government websites of Pakistan Meteorological Department, Website of Government of Punjab, Government websites for Army Recruitment and several other were brought down.

Tango Down – https://t.co/Lh6vNjkRp4https://t.co/A5OoLcKC5Jhttps://t.co/aaBAOF2P1Rhttps://t.co/P5hsNsZgdO #Anonymous #AntiSec
— Anonymous (@AnonymousGlobo) August 30, 2014

Another tweet from the Account reads, #Anonymous is watching. We ask the public to do so as-well.

At the time of writing the Article all the websites were unreachable.

more and more websites are reportedly being brought down:

/ updates / list of websites overturned – #Anonymous #AntiSec ( by @AnonOpPakistan ) pic.twitter.com/pjeSIArRSA
— Anonymous Operations (@YourAnonGlobal) August 31, 2014


  1. this is what they deserve, really, people can rise up, people can change, it's their to choose their government, it's their right to know what their government is doing, it's right to have human rights, we welcome ANONYMOUS to our country. so happy to see you here in #Pakistan, i appreciate your help kick their asses

  2. Proud of you #Anonymous …. You are not alone we are with you and warmly welcome in our Country …& Thanks for your help


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