Anonymous take down 44 Israeli Government sites in retaliation to killing of 14 year old Orwah Hammad

#OpOrwahHammad : The hacktivist group Anonymous take down 44  Israeli government websites

The hackers collective Anonymous today took down 44 Israeli government websites in retaliation for the killing of 14 year old American citizen Orwah Hammad. Orwah Hammad was killed in a shooting incident by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). IDF on its part alleged that Orwah was about to throw a firebomb towards Route 60 during a protest.

The Palestinian protestors and Orwah’s family member have a different story to tell.  They say that Orwah was holding a burning Israeli flag and that IDF troops shot him because of this incident.  Orwah who was 14 year old teen was a American citizen and born in New Orleans.


The paste on Pastebin site posted by a ‘Guest’ today states as below :

?#?OpOrwahHammad? has officially kicked-off now, and Israeli government websites are feeling it. Anonymous is targeting Israeli government websites in protest of the killing of young Orwah Hammad and many Palestinians alike. The world will not stand by such brutality. Israeli Government beware for you should have Expected Us.
Some of the Israeli government websites hit today include the following: – Ministry of Industry and Trade – Public Works Department – Israel Economic and Tourism – domains – Israel Government ISP – Embassy of Israel to the United States – Merkava – ministry of Finance – Israeli Defense Forces – Israel Police Department – Ministry of Defense – Ministry of Finance – Economic Mission U.S. – State of Israel – eGovernment – Galil Development Authority – Domain Internet Ltd. – Integrated Foreign Trade System – Israel Institute of Productivity – Israeli Immigration – Office of the Prime Minister – State of Israel Mail – The Government of Israel – Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Israel Information Technology – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Foreign Affairs Ministry – The Israeli Antitrust Authority – Israeli Government CERT – Shifra Har – IDF – Israel Defense Forces – Bank of Israel – Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Israel Government Printing Office – State of Israel-Ministry of Finance – Slum Rehabilitation Authority. – Water Preservation – Shalom civil service reform-Minister Michael Eitan – Israel Securities Authority – Israel Government ISP – Ministry of Regional Cooperation – Nativ Project – PMO – National Insurance of Israel – Ministry of Finance 1 Kaplan Street – Ministry of Industry and Trade

Some of the sites are returning 403 errors which points to the fact that they have been DDoSed. Techworm is awaiting a comment from the hackers collective to confirm the above DDoS attacks.

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