Warsaw Stock Exchange hacked by ISIS cyber criminals?

The Warsaw Stock Exchange hacked by Jehadi outfits

The Poland premier stock exchange, the Warsaw Stock Exchange website was hacked on Thursday 23rd Oct.  The Website was officially unavailable for the brokers and investors between 2 pm and 4 pm Warsaw time.

Though nothing more is known about the hack or why the exchange website was down in middle of trading hours, a Paste made on paste sharing website Pastebin states that

Today we HACKED Warsaw Stock Exchange! It’s just a beginning of the FIGHT against those who’re bombing our Homeland! To be continued! Allahu Akbar!

The paste has been made by one Mr. JAN_URBANOWICZ  claims to have some 30,000 login and password records of the Warsaw investors and brokers.

A Polish website niebezpiecznik.pl stated that the Warsaw Stock Exchange had confirmed the hack in a email to them.  The hackers have stolen approximately 30 MB of investor details as well as the IP addresses of servers and network infrastructure maps WSE, which proves that the hackers had gained unauthorized access to the internal network (intranet) of the Stock Exchange.

The website also stated that the hackers, using the login credentials stolen from the Warsaw Stock Exchange then managed to enter into the  private e-mail box Stock Exchange and stole customer data from them (including intimate pictures).

ISIS cyber criminals behind the attack?

The paste as stated above says that the WSE was as a revenge against those who’re bombing our ‘Homeland’!  Poland had committed its army in Afghanistan and Iraq after the deadly 9/11 attacks on the WTC in the US.  It recently announced that it will give political support to the US led attack on ISIS insurgents in Iraq.

The entire transcript of the hackers message is given below

Today in Warsaw Stock Exchange HACKED! It’s just a beginning of the Fight against Those Who’re bombing our Homeland! To be continued! Allahu Akbar!
We’re presenting a part of rolled-out information: brokers’ emails, usernames and passwords as well.
Today the have hacked the Warsaw Stock Exchange. There are hundreds of thousands of us. And the fighting has Just Begun. All the Governments That joined the bombing of the Islamic State are our targets now. Europe, your peaceful life is over. You called for the war and it is coming. Your Politicians are aggressive but your soldiers are cowards. Your aircraft fly in our skies but the Warriors of Allah are on your land. And we are invisible to you. But you feel us and you are afraid of us. Your money, your information and your lives are under our control. We are close to you. We are among you.
Allah Akbar!

Adding two plus two, it is sufficient to conclude that the ISIS or IS is behind this hack however the same has not yet been confirmed by the investigating authority.  The Warsaw Stock Exchange also issued issued a press statement to cool the frayed investor tempers, saying that “unsolicited entities” may have gained access to archived data used for its trade simulation features.

From: [email protected]
Date: October 23, 2014 18:01
Subject: Important for users simulator Stock Exchange Trader

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please be advised that for reasons beyond the control of the Stock Exchange in Warsaw SA could occur after acquisition by entities unauthorized archive your data to log in to the simulator exchange Stock Exchange Trader.
We apologize for this situation and if you were using the same passwords on other websites we recommend change them.

Exchange SA

“At the same time we would like to inform that the situation remains without impact on the correct functioning and security of the stock exchange’s transaction system,” the statement read.

WSE’s spokesperson Maciej Wewiór said that transaction system data is stored in a different space than archived data, so they could not be reached at the same time.

The following servers of WSE are still under the control of the hackers





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