Alleged leaks of 13k users from Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox is a copy of old leaks from 2012, 2013

Old but still Gold, old working leaks from Amazon, Playstation, Xbox speak how much users care about security

December 27, 2014, Hackers who claims to be affiliated with the Hacktivists collective “Anonymous” leaked 13,000 user ids and passwords from Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox, Twitch, Dell, Walmart, UFC TV, Ubisoft, XBL, few other popular service.  The said leaks also contained credit card details including CVVs.

The information was leaked on Ghostbin, and paraphrased with, ‘Just for lulz’

The Ghostbin paste has since been removed, however our team was able to get a copy of the alleged leak data

At first glance, the leak seems new and seems to have been collected from the above mentioned services and websites, using phishing, social engineering or with similar methods.

Alleged Leak comes from old leaks from 2012 and 2013, experts says

Cyber security experts who previously operated Cyberwarnews has since been working on to find out where the leak comes from.

Here is what they found, a vast portion of the leak comes from old leaks from 2012 and 2013

Every lead is important for an investigation, looking at the old leak details provided by the cyberwarnews in the paste and matching it with the recent leaks from AnonymousGlobo comes to be a match.

Old but still Gold

SO since the leak is old, no one has to worry, Right?

Wrong, shocking but its true old data leaks may lose its importance but not completely. A very small amount of the leaked details from the recent leak, which matches old one,  is apparently found to be still working.

They may be working as many users never care about resetting or changing their login credentials following a data breach of a service which they are using. Some do not do it even after the service provider requests them to reset the passwords.

Who is behind these leaks?

The alleged leak was first posted using Anonymous Globo Twitter handle, which has not been used since, however a hacker with a online handle of @CyberGhost__ (Hussein Haxor), who claims to be affiliated with AnonymousGlobo took responsibility of the leak, also confirming that it was them who also leaked it back in 2012 and 2013. the leak was not 100% old but few fresh accounts were added to he said replying to Cyberwarnews on twitter.

Anonymous is a highly decentralized hacktivist collective  with very less of control over each other and much less co-ordination.  However, several Anonymous affiliated members said they do not promote activities like these.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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