Anonymous releases Chicago police radio transmissions revealing warrantless wiretapping

Anonymous releases a video about warrantless wiretapping to confirm the Intercept report

The hacktivist collective, Anonymous today released a video to confirm The Intercept report about Operation AURORAGOLD being undertaken by NSA by wiretapping the carriers without any warrant, to listen in to calls of private citizens of United States.

Anonymous released the video, which testifies the warrantless wiretapping by the law enforcement agencies, in Chicago during a #blacklivesmatter protest through a moving vehicle.

Just a few days earlier The Intercept had released a massive report about the warrantless wiretapping that NSA undertakes without any authorisation or warrants by hacking into the GSM carriers signals worldwide. The videos released by the Anonymous merely confirm The Intercept report which can be read here.

The Video

The video begins with the US president’s message to the nation, “No one is listening to your telephone calls” and then proceeds to prove that the authorities in the United States are doing exactly opposite of what President Obama had promised to the nation.

With the ongoing protests against the release of the Police officers in the Ferguson shooting case and killing of Tamir Rice at their peak, the Anonymous hope that this video galvanises public support against the warrantless wiretapping undertaken by the authorities.

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