Lizard Squad take down the Xbox Live Gaming servers through DDoS Attack

Lizard Squad down the Xbox Live Gaming Servers through DDoS Attack

Xbox was taken down through a Distributed Denial of Service attack on Monday evening.  A hacker group going by the handle of Lizard Squad has claimed to have taken it down as a ‘Christmas Present’ to Microsoft.

The Xbox Live servers went offline since Monday evening and users were left wondering what was happening. The Lizard Squad than tweeted a shortish message at 8.37 eastern time claiming the hack

Xbox Live gamers have confirmed intermittent Xbox Live service outages with numerous tweets complaining about not being able to sign into Microsoft’s network and wondering when the issue will be fixed. Microsoft has not responded to the outage.

The hacker group specialises in DDoS campaigns against gaming servers.  Earlier in September, 2014, it had taken down Sony’s PlayStation Network as well as servers for Destiny and “several EA games,” using similar DDoS tactics.  At that time the Lizard Squad had warned Microsoft of the impending attack on Xbox Live gaming servers in the holiday season.

Lizard Squad Doxxed

In the meantime a Pastebin user going by the handle of Loadingexe today released a paste containing alleged personal details of the Lizard Squad team members. The Paste contains the complete details including phone numbers, addresses and email ids of 5 alleged members of Lizard Squad.

More to come

The Lizard Squad have warned that more such attacks will follow in their latest tweet

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