Lizard Squad at it again, Xbox Live DDoSed leaves Xbox 360 Gamers fretting

It looks like the hackers collective Lizard Squad has taken a special liking to downing the Microsoft’s Xbox Live servers. After a DDoS attack on 1 December 2014 which took the Xbox Live down for 2 days, Lizard Squad struck again yesterday with a DDoS attack on Xbox Live service and a promise to take down the PSN services as well.

On December 5, 2014, services on Xbox Live are once again halted for the Xbox 360 as users are unable to connect online. Gamers planning to watch the  Game Awards on Xbox 360 were utterly disappointed to find their connections breaking intermittently.  Further a look at the Xbox Live Status Page confirmed that Xbox Live for Xbox 360 is currently struggling.

Lizard Squad at it again, Xbox Live DDoSed leaves Xbox 360 gamers fretting

Lizard Squad has once again took credit for downing the Xbox Live services, while Microsoft said that it was working to fix the issue. “Are you having issues staying connected to Xbox Live? Don’t worry! We’re working hard to find a fix as soon as we possibly can,” Microsoft writes.

Lizard Squad made this tweet to confirm its hand in the DDoSing of Xbox Live servers

While Lizard Squad was finding it amusing and hilarious as their tweets suggest, the Xbox 360 gamers were furious and venting their ire over Twitter

With Xbox live servers down for more than 24 hours, Microsoft will have a hard time convincing it users.

#Update : Lizard Squad has just tweeted that the DDoS attack on Xbox live will continue through the day


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