North Korea not linked to Sony Hack Attack says FBI

FBI says there’s nothing linking North Korea to Sony hack

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) today gave the first indication that North Korea is not linked to the high profile #GOP hack attack on Sony Pictures corporate network.  Speaking at a panel discussion at a security conference hosted by Bloomberg Government, a paid news site, the FBI cyber division’s Assistant Director, Joe Demarest, told attendees that, “There is no attribution to North Korea at this point.” he said.

Demarest also added that there hasn’t been any confirmation of government involvement either, but he didn’t elaborate on this statement. His comments were first reported by Reuters, shortly after they were made Tuesday morning.

Though this may not be the official FBI statement but this comments mark the first time a senior FBI official has sought to delink the Sony hack attack from North Korea.

As more and more proof emerges that the #GOP or Guardians of Peaces, as the hackers may be calling themselves are somehow linked to the Norks, Demarest’s statement assumes importance.  Only yesterday the hackers had called on Sony to halt the screening of ‘The Interview’ which has a strong anti North Korean plot.  Also there were reports of the Wipall malware used by the hackers being written in North Korean script. Demarest’s statement will mean that the investigating agencies and security researchers will have to look at the Sony hack attack from a new perspective afresh.

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