Christmas tragedy for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live fans as services go down; Lizard Squad claims responsibility

Lizard Squad or technical glitch? PlayStation Network and Xbox Live go down on Christmas

Since yesterday night Microsoft’s Xbox Live has been going off and on, intermittently while today the Sony’s PlayStation Network is playing truant with the gamers.

The premier foe of both the online gaming networks, Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for DDoSing them.  The hide and seek involving Lizard Squad and the two gaming networks continued over the Christmas eve into today. As promised in the now banned Twitter account @LizardPatrol, the Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for taking down PlayStation Network on Twitter, saying it has downed both networks with DDoS attacks – basically, intentionally overloading servers by sending a flood of bogus web traffic.

Lizard Squad seems to be enjoying the outages and jingling all the way ; this came in just 3 mins earlier

Sony confirms the outage

Sony’s “AskPlayStation” Twitter account has acknowledged the service issue, but has not stated whether or not it’s the result of a DDoS attack.

If you have read our report on earlier DDoS attacks on PSN and Xbox Live Servers, the Lizard Squad had issued a threat last week that it would take down the PlayStation and Xbox Live networks over Christmas. It seems to have fulfilled its promise.

Lizard Squad v Finest Squad

Meanwhile a pro gamers hacking crew called ‘The Finest Squad’ has taken it upon themselves to expose Lizard Squad.   ‘The Finest Squad,’ had apparently exposed several Lizard Squad identities online, and it also learned that Lizard was taking the big game networks using DDoS attacks.

They are also trying all they can to help the gamers but the Lizard Squad seems to be one up on them

Sony and Microsoft have a huge problem on their hands with Lizard Squad because the squad seems to be able to take down both the networks at a flick of a coin, whenever they want.

Anyways here’s tweet that just came in

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  1. Anons and finest squad can we fry these ***** please. Im all good with the making a statement to someone but taking down game servers just to piss off the world because your **** is small cmon

  2. Lizard Squad should fear a DoL (“Denial of Life) attack in response. They are just immature kids who play around in the virtual world, thinking that there are no real consequences for their actions. What happens, though, when they cross the wrong people who act out their frustrations in the real world, with real implements of mayhem? Should those folks find them and come knocking, they will wish for the FBI to arrest them just for protection.

  3. Congratulations:

    Not only did you bring down 2 networks but now you can be labeled as a terrorist organization because by hacking servers that are in other countries oh and we know your followers are in canada and the u.k because u.k servers are online and playing just fine but you guys are the biggest set of wimps ever whats the matter the wii u was to hard for you to bring down oh big bad hacker can’t bring down the wii u wimps thats all you will ever be

    • No, just no. UK servers were not fine, at all, many articles highlighted the fact that UK servers were heavily targetted, more than any other country in fact, and no one I know, including myself, has been able to log in at all over Christmas, and we are all in the UK.

  4. They aren’t much of a real threat. Sure, they’re a nuisance temporarily ruining some video games, but they aren’t real hackers. They’re just using programs to cause DDOS attacks. It’s like a 5-year-old running around in daddy’s shoes playing make-believe. They can’t actually do the job. They just like to pretend they can.


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