Anonymous vs Lizard Squad, Anonymous takes down Lizard Squad website, Twitter handle also suspended

Anonymous take down Lizard Squad website and Twitter suspends two Lizard Squad accounts one after another

The infamous band of hackers and the most active and vocal hacker group Lizard Squad today got a taste of its own medicine, DDoS.  Hackers believed to be belonging to global hacktivist group Anonymous today took down the Lizard Squad website through a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack and the website is still offline.

Adding insult to the injury for Lizard Squad was Twitter prompt action in blocking its official account @LizardMafia and later another one that cropped up for a brief period, @LizardsRise.

Anonymous vs Lizard Squad

The fight between the two is not new.  One hacks for rights, privacy and other social issues while the other hacks for pure unadulterated profit. Lizard Squad had been in news since Christmas DDoS attack of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers and have remained in news for various hacks and DDoS attacks. Anonymous had threatened to take action against the Lizard Squad after they attacked Tor network

Today a branch of Anonymous having Twitter handle @AnonymousUK2015 claimed responsibility for taking down the Lizard Squad website.

The Anonymous Protection group says it is “dedicated to protect the people of the internet” and attacked the Lizard Squad website after they made threats against Anonymous.

Twitter blow for Lizard Squad

Meanwhile in past 24 hours Twitter has suspended two accounts which were regarded as official handles of Lizard Squad.  The earlier Twitter handle @LizardMafia was taken down sometime yesterday and Lizard Squad quickly took up a new online handle of @LizardsRise which was also suspended by Twitter a few hours back.

It was just a matter of time for Twitter to take action against the Twitter handle of Lizard Squad after their hacking of Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram account on 28th Jan.

Lizard Squad may have been hit but their business end continues unhindered from the .su domain. Internet users around world and a few readers of Techworm continue to call Lizard Squad a ‘bunch of skiddies’ but they have shown great business acumen in first showcasing their DDoSing talent by taking down the Xbox and PSN servers and then marketing it profitably without any fear of the law.

Starting with some intermittent DDoS attacks on PSN and Xbox servers way back in August, 2014, the skiddies sure have come a long way.

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