OpFrance vs OpCharlieHebdo; Is Anonymous fighting against the ISIS Hackers?

Hackers have hacked and defaced more than 19,000 websites since the Charlie Hebdo attack, according to France’s cyber defence chief.

All this started with “Freedom of Speech”, Charlie Hebdo attack was highly condemned by a higher part of the global population while there were many who supported the attack or at least were against what the Charlie Hebdo published in form of the cartoons.

Hackers have their own way to express themselves

This is 21st century where a cyber war over the cyber space has almost the same importance as that of the war on land.




The world call them pro-muslim hackers, named FallaGa Team, AnonGhost, CyberCaliphate or the United Islamic Cyber Force.  These so called cyberjehadis has been running a war over the French cyber space from last few days under the banner of #OpFrance

The #OpFrance seems to be very successful for what it was planned for, 19,000+ websites amounts for a major portion of the French cyber space while most of these websites were defaced with Anti Charlie Hebdo messages, few were brought down using DdoS attack.

Oxalide, the web hosting company for Liberation, L’Express, 20 Minutes, France Inter, Mediapart and Marianne Tweeted there was “an attack taking place against our infrastructure” and that it was “affecting the heart of our infrastructure”.

Era of CyberWar

This is the era of Cyberwar, where every action on the web gets a opposite reaction and exact response, its not Newtons third law which I am speaking about but it does apply to a larger extent on the human expressions and what we call “war”.


#OpCharlieHebdo, The Operation which Anonymous started in response to Charlie Hebdo attack was quick to gain attention but failed to get targets, “what to attack”, very less options and answers for that. Though Anonymous was able to find few major targets including few pro jihadist websites and social media accounts supporting ISIS.

While these were only a few simple reasons which did not let the #OpCharlieHebdo to mark it footprints in the land of success. But a major reason which is hindering #OpCharlieHebdo is Anonymous itself.

Anonymous is a highly decentralized body with very less control over each other. Which means that all Anonymous community members may not be the same page on every issue. Its not necessarily certain that what Anonymous community from United states or France is supporting will have the same value or support in the eyes of Anonymous communities in Saudi Arabia or Palestine.

Does not looks that bad, right, let me make it more clear. Anonymous as a collective, is fighting also against each other. while a larger part supports #OpCharlieHebdo, there also exists a smaller portion from the Anonymous fraternity which supports #OpFrance.  Then there exists a third category of Anonymous too, which went neutral over the Charlie Hebdo issue.

A pro Anonymous member said that there are lots of issues to look into this world rather to use Charlie Hebdo attack to use to gain popularity playing with the sympathy card. If we are fighting for “Right to expression”, let them express what they want to.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Knowledge is Power


  1. This just demonstrates a concept that the media can’t really seem to grasp: anonymous is not some kind of tight knit cabal. They have all the problems of any pure democracy of size, including the fact that there is never just one right way forward for all its members. As the size of the represented grow the unity of the whole always shrinks because people are different. Looking at the Westboro bullshit, I’m sure a lot of Atheists kind of felt a big DontCareFreeSpeech with that one as well.

  2. The question of visibility needs to be taken in account here.
    #opFrance targets have more visibility and are easier to target than terrorist websites, that are more elusive and thus take longer to track.
    Another factor, while anonymous is taking out several websites, they are not actually being defaced with Anonymous imagery or wording. They are just down. This in itself, doesn’t attract attention.
    Anonymous members attacked several government webpages from countries supporting terrorist activities, like Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Some government webpages belonging to governmental websites in Afghanistan and Pakistan, for example, are down. Again, no pro-Anonymous messages.
    One area where Anonymous had great success was by tracking down and forcing the suspension of terrorist accounts on Twitter and Facebook, again, without any sort of Anonymous imagery.
    Off course there are Anonymous who are pro or against or indifferent to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, because Anonymous members are free to think with their own heads.
    All in all, this is not about winning or losing. It´s about what each one of us believes is the right thing to do.
    Some call it a weakness, I call it a strength.

  3. exuce me mr
    we are not isis
    We only send our message
    We are a nation Muhammad
    They do not allow darwing of the of the Prophet the most expensive of all the parents and u can insulted me o u can insulting the state, but Muhammad
    We will never shut up.

  4. The hypocrisy you spout is palpable. You will never shut up. No one honestly expects you to. People just expect your kind not to go around killing others for not believing in your pedophilic prophet. We do not believe, therefore we don’t follow your rules. Be as pious as you want in your mosques, but as far as everyone else’s freedom, it isn’t anyone’s right to decide.


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