Anonymous take down Longview city website over police killing of 17 year old Kristiana Coignard

Longview city website has been intermittently down due to DDoS attack by Anonymous protesting over killing of Kristiana Coignard shot by Longview Police.

The city of Longview website has been going offline intermittently because of a alleged DDoS attack by hacktivist collective, Anonymous.  The Anonymous have taken down the website over the death of a 17 year old girl Kristiana Coignard due to police shooting.

The teenager was shot dead by the Longview police officials in January 2015 allegedly with five bullets. The police department says that Kristiana Coignard was shot dead after she threatened them in their own police station lobby with a weapon.

Anonymous is a loosely knitted hacktivism confederation and in this case an operation called #OpKristiana and #OpJusticeForChristian has been launched by Anonymous North Texas. The Facebook post dedicated to Kristiana has been set up by Occupy For Life and states as follows.

Here lies Kristiana Coignard. She was 17 years old. She was shot five times in January 2015 by two Longview, Texas, police officers inside their own department lobby. We may never know why Kristiana happened to be inside the police station nor why she picked up a courtesy phone because minutes later she was shot dead on a Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. Kristiana didn’t make it home to dinner that night because the people who were supposed to protect her, tazed her and put five bullets in her instead of getting her therapy and calling her parents. The three officers involved are now on a paid vacation. The Longview Police Department did not release the video of the murder until days afterwards. Thus far, the Longview Police Department “official” story has not matched the now-released video ( Officer Glenn Derr tazed Kristiana first and then shot her three times. Officer Grace Bagley was on the scene for five seconds when she shot the already on-the-ground Coignard twice. Longview Police Chief Don Dingler claims Kristiana was wielding a butcher knife although it is hard to tell in the video if there was indeed a weapon. To date, no such butcher knife has been placed into evidence for this homicide. The three officers involved (Gene Duffie arrived on the scene but did not shoot his gun) are now on a paid vacation. Are you tired of cops killing our kids? If our “peace officers” can’t get a knife out a mentally ill teen’s hands and shoot her dead instead of helping her, don’t you think there is something wrong with the police in this country? Be ?#?KristianasVoice? and tell the city of Longview, Texas, and Longview Texas Police Chief Don Dingler as well as the mainstream media what you think of this travesty!

A video footage of the police station lobby on the night of the her death has also been uploaded on YouTube and has been marked as potentially offensive or graphic but you can see the same here.

Meanwhile under the #OpJusticeForKristiana, Anonymous North Texas have taken down the Longview city website and ancillary websites like Library, water meter payment website. The Longview PD said that access to the main city website as well as satellite sites, including those of the Longview Public Library, the Longview Police Department and the Longview Fire Department, was not available Tuesday.
“We proactively pulled it down,” city spokesman Shawn Hara said. “We have been experiencing the same types of cyber attacks, kind of consistently. It has been resulting in some down time. It is similar to a DDoS attack, an overload kind of thing.”

The Anonymous North Texas have also called a protest march on February 7th against the police killing of 17 year old Kristiana Coignard.


  1. Makes me sick to think, these two highly trained offices could not subdue her without a gun. RIP sweetheart! You will not be forgotten.

    • Kristiana was hiking and wrote that note on her hand “I HAVE A GUN” as a warning to the Johns trying to pick her up. They would slowly follow her in their cars trying to make her get in. It was getting dark and the Johns were out already, so she went to the Longview Police station to ask for a ride home because she didn’t have money for a taxi. She thought, “It won’t hurt to ask.” The cop saw the note and rudely forced her to the floor in a very rough manner. When she got up she was shaken and afraid of getting raped, so she made an offensive move with a concealed weapon, fogged out as she was on medication. It’s unfortunate. She should have just walked home in the night.

    • Yeah words make it completely out of context. Can’t tell anything by watching them. Deaf people: completely out of context.

  2. This girl should still be alive. The cops that shot her should be forced to watch a video of her funeral.
    They have no respect for life only a huge ego that is fed by badge & gun.


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