MWS in March 2015 would witness the glimpse of  “Spiral 2” which is Google’s much awaited Project Ara’s Prototype.

Google has been constantly working towards launching a new “tailor made smartphone” for its users. This would mean every user will be creating an “innovative” smartphone as per their preferences. This is just unbelievable, however yes! an amazing model is being created by Google under ‘Project Ara.’

They have succeeded in creating the prototype (first model) named “Spiral 2.”

Spiral 2  will be showcased in the annual Mobile World Congress  (MWC) which is to be held in Barcelona in March 2015. However, Google has plans to “go live” in Puerto Rico later this year.

It has been seen  that most of the times user would buy certain smartphone based on some particular accessory even though the smartphone might not suffice their other needs eg: some users may opt for a particular smartphone just for its good camera, others may opt for its good sound clarity and so on. So smartphones sometimes have many features however to the user all the features may not be a necessity. Here Project Ara comes into picture. Google realised this need of the hour to create a need based and tailor made smart phones wherein user can really have all the accessories as per his need. So Project Ara aims at creating a hardware which would act like backbone and then on this device user will assemble all the accessories i.e “modules” to be more precise, as per user’s requirement. This will enable the user to use his imagination to a point where sky is the only limit.

Just as we have Android App, there will be the “Module App” from which user will choose the modules as per their need. The modules can be safely added or removed as per requirement. Google boasts of bringing its developmental effort “Project Ara”  to 6 billion people across the world by end of this year.

Google is in collaboration with lesser known companies like Yezz (Android manufacturing company) for Project Ara and other firms like Toshiba and Einfochips. The MWC 2015 will witness at least 50 Ara components and Spiral 2 seems to have 11 components incorporated. Due to the modules attached the overall look of the smartphone does not seem to be quite attracting as of now, however if it serves its purpose that should be it. Google is in partnership with Dave Hakkens, who runs the phonebloks community, as the underlying purpose of both is to reduce electronic waste.

Project Ara will in true sense bring about the next generation phones wherein every phone will depict its users choice and imagination!!


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