, the online parking reservation website hit by hackers, credit card information stolen, an online parking reservation service for airports across the United States has been hacked and customers credit cards information has been stolen as per Brian Krebs of Krebs On Security.

Brian also says that the cyber criminal gang which hacked Book2Park seems to be the same gang which hacked Target and Home Depot and stole more than 100 million credit and debit cards from them.

Brian reports that a new batch of credit card numbers [dubbed “Denarius“] went up for sale on Rescator[dot]cm last week.  Rescator is a online bazaar that earned became famous or rather infamous by selling the credit and debit cards stolen from Target and Home Depot.

Brian says that he was contacted multiple banks with the information of Denarius and found that all the cards had a similar pattern which was, they had been issued to customers who recently made airport parking reservations at

Brian informed owner Anna Infante about a possible breach.  Infante said she was not aware of the credit card data leak but said that recently, a firm that looks after the security of Book2Park, had discovered and removed malicious files that were somehow planted on Book2park’s Web server.

“We already took action on this, and we are totally on it,” Infante said. “We are taking all further steps in protecting our customers and reporting this to the proper authorities.”

Usually criminal gangs sell the credit/debit card credentials for about $5 to $13 but Brian says that Book2Park’s credit cards are being sold in the range of $12 to $18 as they were issued by European banks.