Imgur’s birthday bash : Imgur Pro to be free to all Imgur users.

Imgur Pro Is Now Free For Everyone

Imgur’s Pro tool which was otherwise under paid category would be free for all its users as it is celebrating its sixth successful birthday.

Imgur is a popular image sharing website which shares huge volumes of images with a count of about 1.5 million images per day to about 60 billion images in  a month.  Imgur generates its revenue by the ads and its Pro Tools. Standard Imgur subscriber has an upper limit of  uploading only 225 images. Imgur Pro is an updated version which would allow the subscribers to upload an unlimited account images at the cost of $24.00 per year.

Pro tool, not only uploads unlimited account images but also has the feature of  Advanced image analytics (that means it can derive correct meaning from digital images). Users who update from Imgur to Imgur Pro are not served ads.

However one of the earlier feature of Pro tool which has been removed is that the size of the image has been limited to 5 MB from the earlier 10 MB with an exception to the animated GIF which can have an upper limit of 200 MB. This move is made by Imgur so as to improve the quality of the images uploaded. There are other features of Pro Tools:  user can edit or delete any image at any time; users can interact with Imgur community through their votes, shares and comments.

Recently Imgur also released its new feature of Video to GIF feature, which can generate GIFs from any online videos.

The website “Imgur” was created just as a simple site to share images by Alan Schaaf  in the year 2009 mainly due to the drawbacks occuring in the similar sites. Imgur gained huge popularity due to social media like Reditt and Digg. Imgur Pro, paid account, was introduced on the first birthday anniversary of Imgur and now on the sixth anniversary Imgur has declared free usage of this tool to thank all their users who made Imgur one of the top websites for exploring, discussing and visual story telling.

“What began as a simple image uploading service has transformed into a community of the Internet’s most dynamic visual storytellers,” said Imgur in a blog post. “Imgur has become the best place to explore, share, and discuss the Internet’s images–and we couldn’t have done it without your support and loyalty. We’re looking forward to many more years of uniting the universe through images with you.”

You can sign up for Imgur pro now and avail all the features it offers.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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