Snapchat launches ‘Snapchat Safety Center’ for advising parents on image abuse

‘Snapchat Safety Center’ Snapchat’s new feature to help parents

With the Snappening still fresh on its mind, Snapchat has launched a new feature for its App users which is specifically targeted for image abuse victims, their parents and teachers. Called ‘Snapchat Safety Center,’ the feature will give advise parents who feel that their children’s Snapchat messages or messages are being abused in way.

Back in October, cyber criminals had managed to hack into a 3rd party Snapchat addon and leaked 13 gigs of images on 4Chan. The images database was thought to be full of pictures of minors sharing their intimate moments with their same aged friends. 4Chan mods quickly deleted the Snappening post but not before it was shared and reposted. The 13 gigs database eventually landed on torrent websites and was among the top downloaded torrents for some time.

Though Snapchat was not connected with the hack other than being used for sending and receiving the destructible messages, it was panned by users all over the world for lax security guidelines for 3rd party Apps.

Snapchat has now taken a lead towards protecting children from image abuse and offering guidance and practical advice to the affected parents by opening the ‘Snapchat Safety Center’.

Announcing the launch on its website, Snapchat said that it had partnered with experts like ConnectSafely, UK Safer Internet Center and iKeepSafe. Snapchat states that,

“Snapchat is a fast, fun way to share moments with friends and family. Most of our community uses Snapchat every day, so it isn’t surprising that parents and teachers regularly ask us for advice. When it came to building our safety center, we partnered with experts.

Together with our safety advisory board, some of the world’s leading safety advocates, we have developed guides for staying safe while using Snapchat. Within our safety center parents, teachers, and Snapchatters can find safety tips, research, and resources.

Safety is a shared responsibility. If you need assistance, please contact Team Snapchat through our Abuse and Safety center.”

If you are concerned parent, you can be a part of the Snapchat Safety Center by visiting the Abuse and Safety Center. You can watch the video released by Snapchat to give you a clear picture of how Abuse and Safety Center will help you :

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