Anonymous release 9200 pro ISIS Twitter ids and allege pro-ISIS bias by Facebook

Anonymous released 9,200 ISIS supporter Twitter ids in an effort to get them banned by Twitter; Allege Facebook is partial to the ISIS

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous today released a list of 9200 pro ISIS Twitter ids in an apparent effort to get Twitter to ban them.

The list was released under the operation #OpISIS campaign which was launched by Anonymous earlier this year after the gruesome killings at Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. The Anonymous have so far successfully brought down many websites stating affiliation to the ISIS or IS and released Twitter, email VPN account details belonging to them.

The current list which contains 9200 Twitter accounts has been posted here and has been collated by @xrsone with the help of GhostSec and Ctrlsec hacker groups.

The Anonymous said that the list has been published so that Twitter can suspend these accounts for promoting hatred and terrorism online.  Speaking to IBTimes, a member of the Anonymous who is involved with the #OpISIS stated that,

“This is historic amongst the digital world as it’s the first time these groups have come together for something this large, Usually they are very closed off and not willing to work outside of their circles but this has become so large of a problem they’re willing to form an alliance for what is seen as a greater good. The outcome of hundreds of hackers across all three major groups is the largest compiled and verified list ever to be released to the public.”

Facebook pro ISIS?

The Anonymous have also alleged that Facebook is taking sides in the ISIS clampdown. They have posted a video on YouTube alleging that Facebook apparently took down a pro Anonymous and anti-ISIS page called Cyber Brain. The Anonymous allege that this page which had 30k likes was a naming and shaming fora for posting details of pro ISIS website, Twitter, Facebook accounts and email ids so that Anonymous could take action against them. However according to Anonymous, Facebook sided with the ISIS and took down this page. Watch the video below :


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