Soon, WhatsApp will offer Google Drive back up for the chat history and media files.

It seems WhatsApp is working towards making some easy arrangements to backup and restore the WhatsApp chat history as well as the media files through Google Drive.

A leaked string from the WhatsApp developers group revealed that soon WhatsApp will integrate with the Google Drive to form a back up for the chat history and the media files; in turn this will facilitate easy restoration of these files from Google Drive.

The leaked report also states that back of media does not include the back up and restoration of videos. It seems the data back up on Google Drive is possible either through Wi-Fi or through cellular network only.

The leaked reports from the Android Police regarding WhatsApp back up and restoration in Google Drive has further been confirmed by a Dutch website

As of now WhatsApp also has the facility for backup which is useful when user is changing their Android device, however it is a manual procedure wherein users require to search for the back up option and then check in which folder the file has been stored as it might be in the SD card or in the internal storage. Now user would need to first install the WhatsApp on the new device and then restore this file. In case the file is directly saved to Google Drive then user can easily restore it even on new device. Further it also seems the Google Drive restoration is offered to users whenever they use a new device to log in and if users will not accept this request the backup of chat history and media from old device will be lost.

Whatsapp is yet to roll out an official declaration of its integration with the Google Drive with regards to the backup and restoration of its Chat history and media files.

Update : WhatsApp v2.12.45 for Android now lets you back up your conversations on Google Drive



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