Boeing granted patent for ‘Star Wars’ Force Fields like technology

Boeing to make Star Wars force fields in distant future

Boeing Patents “Method and system for shock wave attenuation via electromagnetic arc ” which is inspired by Force Fields from  ‘Star Wars’

Boeing Company; an aircraft, defense and security company took inspiration from the science fiction movie ‘Star Wars’ to get a patent on a system known as “Method and system for shock wave attenuation via electromagnetic arc ” which means that energy is used to divert potential damage.

In the Star Wars and Star Trek science fiction movies we have seen the glowing energy shields that protect the troops, machines, spacecraft and sometimes even the entire planet from potential damages.

As per the patent “Method and system for shock wave attenuation via electromagnetic arc ” this system will not prevent direct damage from explosives or armaments in the war front; however the system can be used to protect fixed structures such as buildings, aircrafts, marine ships or even vehicles from the harmful effects of the shock waves produced by some nearby explosives.

Basically the patent is for a system which recognizes the explosion through the sensors and immediately creates an ionized plasma field in between the target and explosive in such a way that the target is safeguarded against any harm from the impact of the explosive.

Let us just see how the system will work in any war front: Suppose there is an armed vehicle in a war region and some explosion occurs near this vehicle. Immediately after the explosion, shock waves are released in the surrounding region which can be harmful to the armed vehicle. Now suppose this armed vehicle has been equipped with the “shock wave attenuation system” which Boeing got its patent for.

As per the patent the armed vehicle is equipped with “Explosion detecting sensors” which determines the direction of the explosion on the basis of the light generated during the explosion. As soon as the direction of the explosion is detected the “electromagnetic arc” will now activate the “Anti shock wave system”. Through this system high intensity lasers are deployed in the direction of the explosion which forms an ionization in the air to form a sort of “Laser induced plasma channel”. This channel has a different composition in terms of its density, temperature and composition in comparison to the surrounding environment. This plasma channel will absorb, refract, deflect and reflect the shockwaves which are coming in the direction of the armed vehicle hence sort of protecting the vehicle from any potential damage.

As per a research done by physics students, it has been proved that an electromagnetic field can be used to hold a plasma shield in place however this shield will divert light and hence if this shield is used for the purpose of enfolding the target then there it will leave the person inside this shield in the state of blindness. Also this shield cannot be used as an envelop for any target due to amount of heat which is generated during the ionization of the air.

The patent reads: “Such embodiments as described above may reduce the energy density of the shock wave by creating a second medium in the path of the advancing shock wave that reflects, refracts, absorbs and deflects at least a portion of the shock wave.”

With this patent, it seems that a fiction can be brought into reality. Also the patent indeed seems to be a boon to the soldiers on the war front to stay protected from any such harmful explosives.

Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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