Facebook ‘Phone’ App makes appearance in Israel

Facebook ‘Phone’ App : Israelis witnessed the leak of new FB app which could be future replacement for your phone’s core feature

The Facebook ‘Phone’ App debuted on screens of some Israelis Android smartphones. As Facebook is yet to come out with a official version of Facebook ‘Phone’ App, it is assumed that the App may have been prematurely leaked.

According to the reports from the users who found the new Facebook ‘Phone’ App on their screens, the the app will display info about who’s calling you, possibly pooling information from its user database, and will also block numbers that are commonly blocked such as spam.

The Android users from Israel, who found the App on their smartphones tried to tap ‘Install or Update’ only to be greeted by an error message which confirms the fact that this App is intended for FB only and a internal version for testing purpose.

Android Police had first reported of Facebook working on a mysterious ‘Phone’ App after anonymous tipper sent them images of the App taken on his/her smartphone. The report created a online rustle of sorts with many websites saying that with this App the end of the phone was near.

However, the description of Phone seems to indicate that Facebook wants to replace the standard dialling function on your smartphone. It also seems to provide caller information about who is calling and where that person is based.

Facebook’s Phone app would also “block calls from commonly blocked numbers,” which seems like the block Truecaller offers. Facebook may use crowdsourcing to determine and blacklist telephone numbers like telemarketing calls etc.

A day after the Android Police article, Facebook confirmed the existence of the app but refused to divulge further information about the App. “We test new things all the time,” Facebook said in response.

Now we have to wait and see when the Facebook’s ‘Phone’ killer App is finally going to arrive on our Android smartphones.


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