How to Hide files or folder in Android smartphones and tablets to maintain your privacy

Hide Folders on Android devices; learn how to hide files/folders on your Android smartphones and tablets

Easy way to secure your Files and Folders in Android, here is how to hide files and folders on Android devices

Android smartphone has become the greatest boon in today’s life and most of the people would love to own an Android device, this is true for youngsters as well as oldies. Android is an operating system which provides many features to the user and hence it has gained such a vast publicity in a small time span.

Now, users also happen to save some important documents or personal videos and images or information in the Android for their convenience. It could happen that the smartphone may be accessible to friends or some family members and could be a case wherein they might land up getting access to this extremely confidential information which user does not want to share with anyone. If you are one of those who want to hide your files or folders from such unwanted access please read the below instructions and safely hide your files and folders from anyone who gets access to your phone:

  • Check if your Android device has the file explorer; mostly it would be available; however if your device does not have one then download the very versatile ES File Explorer File Manager from
  • Open the file explorer also known as file browser and search for your file which has your confidential data that you do not wish to share with anyone
  • You need to select the file or the folder and click on the “rename” option
  • Now put “a dot” in the prefix that means put this sign prior to the name of the file or folder (for e.g. If you want to save some folder which has images then you need to put dot in front of the name of the folder as given here – .images)
  • Basically Android is Linux based and when we use a (.) it thinks that this is a system file and by default it will hide this file or the respective folder……easy isn’t it?
  • If you want to open this hidden file it is simple, just go to your file explorer and select this option “Show hidden file or folder”
  • Suppose someday you feel that now that folder need not be in a hidden state all you need to do is rename the file by removing the (.) for e.g. if your file was “.image” now make it “image”….as simple as that.

Just by following these simple steps user can easily hide their files or folders from unwanted intrusions. So the data is now totally secured in the Android system and it cannot be seen either in gallery or in explorer. Not only that if user wants to get their file back from hidden mode even that is possible and user can hide and unhide their important data umpteen times.

Besides this user can also use the Applock to protect their applications from intruders. As the name suggests it provides privacy to the users. Important videos or pictures, chats and even sms, contacts and other apps like Facebook, Gmail……many more can be password protected from other users who might use their Android device, for e.g. friends or kids borrowing the Android device to play games.

User needs to open the Applock, go to the Left side menu and in the settings they can lock the required applications from intruders. To unlock these applications either user can enter “#password” in their dial pad, and tap call button to open AppLock. Or the Applock can be unlocked by putting “” and opening the website in the browser. User can also protect other users from unlocking their Applock by using the advanced settings option given in the main menu of Applock. The Applock is available in 3 methods: 1) Paid 2) Free and with ads 3) Free version.

Users can avail Applock through this site: This Applock can be downloaded from here

To ensure that all the files and contents of the Android device is always protected users need to follow the above given steps. So wishing all users and era of privacy!!

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