Indian Budget Blues : Apple iPhone 6 to cost Rs.56000.00 and iPhone 6 Plus for Rs.65000.00

Apple increases iPhone prices by Rs.2500.00 in India, in wake of Budget 2015

After the Indian Finance Minister, Mr.Jaitley announced his budget for 2015-16, Apple become the first tech company to announce a across the board price rise of Rs.2500.00 on iPhone 6 models. The news of the iPhone 6 price hike was first noticed on the mobile tracking website Fonearena and later on confirmed by Apple’s retail channel partners.

New Prices for iPhone 6

Apple Inc has gone for an across the board increase of all iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. The price tag for the iPhone 6 16GB which was earlier being sold at Rs 53,500.00 will now set Indian buyers back by Rs 56,000.00, the iPhone 6 64GB and iPhone 6 128GB will now you cost Rs 65,000 and Rs 74,000 respectively.

iPhone 6 Plus 16GB model will now cost you Rs 65,000.00, while the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB and 128GB will be costing Rs 74,000.00 and Rs 83,000.00 respectively.

Price cut for iPhone 5 series

The budget seems to have not affected the iPhone 5 series because it gets a across the board price cut for Indian buyers. The iPhone 5S 16GB is now priced at Rs 47,000.00 and the iPhone 5S 32GB is priced at Rs 51,500.00. You may also get additional discounts from online retailers for iPhone 5 series of smartphones.

For the lucky ones who did not wait until the budget, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones were selling at a discount in February 20145.  Both the top online e-commerce website, Flipkart as well as Amazon were offering a discount ranging from Rs 3,000.00 to Rs 5,000.00 on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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