iPhone thief posts selfies with on owners Facebook timeline

iPhone stealing girl posts 13 selfies on owners timeline, responds to comments and messages on Facebook

Denver citizen Rawley Bingham, 23, was hanging out at a bar on March 21 at 2 a.m, when someone stole her iPhone. She tried to find out the thief but met with no luck.

Two days later, her Facebook timeline was flooded by selfies of unknown girl. Bingham who vaguely recollected the iPhone thief, immediately identified the girl posting the selfies as the iPhone thief.  “She leaned in to say something into my ear. Things were loud, and I felt a tug on my purse,” Bingham said.

It so happened that Bingham’s iPhone had an app which automatically uploads pictures to her Facebook timeline.  The iPhone thief’s selfies went viral on Facebook and people started visiting Bingham’s FB page to comment/send messages to her. Not that it mattered a lot to the thief girl because she was obviously enjoying the attention and adulation she was getting on Bingham’s Facebook account and was even responding to the comments and messages being sent to Bingham.

The iPhone thief posted nearly 13 selfies  an app that automatically uploads pictures to her Facebook. Bingham took the selfies to the Police.

“It actually becomes a lot more plausible for me to get it back when she starts posting selfies,” Bingham told USA Today.

Denver police contacted the thief who goes by the alias of “Lil Momma.” Lil Momma promised to return the iPhone but didn’t show up. The Metro Denver Crime Stoppers also offered a $2,000 reward for any information about the thief, Fox17 reported.

The mother of the thief, who saw her daughter taking selfies using the stolen iPhone, told with 9NEWS that she had the iPhone and would return it to the rightful owner soon.

The police have withheld the real name of the iPhone thief because she is still a minor. Bingham, on the other hand, is in dual mind whether to press charges against Lil Momma.



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