New Samsung Chip allows 128GB storage aboard the low end smartphones

Samsung’s new eMMC chip could bring 128GB storage to cheaper phones

Samsung Electronics has developed a new flash memory storage that could bring 128GB storage capacity to smartphones and tablets to the middle and low budget smartphones.

Samsung unveiled its latest 3-bit NAND-based Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) 5.0 storage today which it says,  is highest-density architecture of its kind and allow phone manufacturers to put larger storage capacities into the low end mass market smartphones and tablets.

As of now only high end devices like iPhone 6 or iPad have 128GB storage capacity and are currently available at a premium of $200 over their 16GB siblings. Once, Samsung’s new eMMC chips are integrated into the budget smartphones, users from the lowest strata of the price spectrum can avail 128GB space at very minimal premium over current price.

However Samsung has not divulged the pricing details of 128GB eMMC 5.0 so the actual impact of the implementation is not known.

The eMMC storage is already being used in less expensive smartphones but Samsungs 128GB eMMC can do 260 megabytes per second of sequential data reading and it can support HD video processing. The storage is already in mass production and available to device manufacturers, Samsung said.

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