Top 10 Android Apps in month of March 2015

Top Android Apps for month of March 2015

Getting the right Android Apps are a must if you have a Android smartphone or tablet however the problem is that Google Play store adds 1000s of Apps every month and it is difficult for a Android user to keep track of the latest launches and thus lose out on a fantastic App that may just be the right one for you,

Team Techworm brings you the best of the Apps list for March 2015 so you can make a informed decision to download some Apps while uninstall others which are just hogging screen presence, draining battery and resources.

Here for AndroidTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

If you have used Nokia’s HERE maps you probably know they are the best in the business. The updated Here for Android is now much better and fluid, thanks to the removal of the Beat version and a bunch of new improvements. Nokia has now included  3-D venue maps for both indoor and outdoor places and other features like rotate and pinpoint, and switch between floors for indoors. You can download the App here.

PhotoMathTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

If you are a maths geek or if you are facing a unique maths problem, this point, shoot and answer App is a must for your. This camera math-problem-solver app supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and logarithms. Just point the camera on the problem and it will take care of the rest. Download the App here.

iAnnotateTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

iAnnotate enables the users to read, mark up and share PDF documents. The developers have updated the App so now you can mark files using the iAnnotate pen, highlighter, typewriter, shapes, pop-up note, underline and strikeout tools. All the edits made are converted to PDF and can be viewed or edited with external PDF readers. A must have productivity App can be downloaded here.

Top 10 Android Apps For March 2015This one of the must have Apps for photo geeks. This App removes every bit of blurred image have in 1000s on your smartphone/tablet that you want to remove but is a ridiculously tiresome job. Gallery Doctor deletes all such blurry shots, duplicates and poor quality photos in a single click. It automatically identifies such photos and trashes them. You can download this App here.

ScreenPop Lock Screen MessengerTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

How did you like to send a image based message directly to your friends screen and viewable even if it is locked. Well, ScreenPop lets you send image-based messages right on the recipient’s lock screen which lets the recipient see the image without unlocking their phone. Download the App here.

Alt-CTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

Another of the productivity Apps, Alt-C lets you copy text and links back and forth between your Android phone and Windows PC. Just install the app on both the devices and link your two devices using the QR code displayed on your device’s screen. And yes, you dont need to have an account or sign up. In order to copy text from your computer to your phone, highlight and press your hotkey combo – alt+c by default. The text will then appear on your Android device or viceversa.  Download this App here.

OneMinute – one magical momentTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

OneMinute is like a Photo prompter.  It will prompt you to take any photo you wish but only once a day within one minute. If you don’t take the picture upon prompting you will have to wait until next day to get another prompt. The real test is to know when it will prompt you and you have to be ready within that minute so you dont miss the prompt. Quite a photographic challenge for you.  It can be downloaded here.

iCrushiFlushTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

iCrushiFlush a social dating App and a great App to have if you wish to meet new people. Unlike Tinder,  with iCrushiFlush you can conceal your identity.  It also has a very superfast messenger. You can download the App here.


CitymapsTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

Citymaps is a social map-creating app that lets you join various map networks and add them in your favorite spots. You can create lists of your favorite places, build personal maps and even invite friends to add their favourite places. Download this interesting App here.

ConnectTop 10 Android Apps For March 2015

The best one of the lot, I have reserved it for the last. ‘Connect’ aptly named is one of the best Apps for those of you who are social animals. Connect actually collects all your friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Gmail and LinkedIn and marks them all into one real-time map. You can then know who lives where, and can chat, send them messages/emails and call them from the App itself. A real time saver, this App can be downloaded here.


  1. Some of these app companies that get to the top 10 lists use services like to drive installs to their app.

    Small time developers dont stand a chance


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