Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Smartphone and Tablets

Techworm brings you the top five and most versatile Internet browsers for Android smartphones and tablets

Android smartphone and tablets are on the boom and almost every other person would love to own one for themselves. Techworm wants to share with its readers some of the best Web browsers which readers can download in their smartphones / tablets and enhance the performance of their devices for faster internet browsing in case their current web browser is slow or is creating some problems during browsing.

While most Android devices come with default stock Internet browser, it has been known to be vulnerable to SOP exploits therefore, you the user, can try other browsers in the Google Play store of Android devices.

Google Chrome web browser

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available  for Android devices. The basic advantage of Google Chrome is that it synchronizes all the browser data across all the devices like between your Android device and PC,  including the bookmarks and passwords. Hence for users who switch their device from smartphone to laptop to desktop they need not start from scratch. Google Chrome has the voice search and Chrome Data Compression Proxy which can reduce the usage by 50%. It is much faster however it does not support the Flash videos and the Chrome version is useful only till 4.0 Android as of now. Also the Chrome does not support the “Do not track” feature by default and user needs to activate this if they want to hide their identity. All in all Chrome is useful and much familiar browser for most of the users as this has been used by the users earlier on their desktops. Chrome is WebRTC enabled. Download it here

FireFox web browser

FireFox also on the same lines as Google Chrome helps easy synchronization of the data across all the devices and platforms including the passwords and bookmarks as well as the add-ons, history and open tabs. Also FireFox supports Flash if the device is already installed with Flash. FireFox is WebRTC enabled just like Chrome. In addition FireFox  has certain additional feature over Chrome which makes it more useful as compared to Chrome :

  • User needs to just enable “Quit” button in the main page and block the ads.
  • User has the option to activate “private browsing tab”.
  • User can activate the “Reader Mode” by clicking the little ‘book’ icon in the URL bar and remove all the junk from the page leaving only the matter of the text.
  • Guest Session mode feature helps user to hide the web browsing details from other user who will be using their device for browsing.

Download it here.

Opera Mini web browser

This is one of the fastest Android browsers. Whenever heavy data contents like webpages with images and graphics are loaded in any snap the data compression feature of this browser compresses the data at a very high speed and hence this is the fastest browser. Opera Mini uses less data, almost 90% less than other browser, due to which using this browser means user saves on internet expenditure thus enhancing its cheaper and faster features. Opera Mini is adaptable with any android device and smartphone which has internet connectivity. The browser also focuses on data security and privacy hence Opera Mini is almost at par in terms of performance and speed with other popular web browsers. Opera Mini is more about being fast and efficient for those on poor connections and its major feature is its simplicity and saving money via its data-compression technology. Download it here.

UC Web Browser

This browser is very popular mostly in China and India. The browser is mostly good for downloading huge files through its “File Download Manager” feature wherein it lets user download multiple files simultaneously in the background. The important feature here is that the file gets downloaded continuously even if Internet connection gets interrupted. At the same time file manager shows how much space has been consumed by these files. The browser integrates with Facebook to give notifications. There are various other add-ons in the  browser like Speed mode which automatically downloads the best version of website to suit the network supported by the device. The browser also supports features like Voice Over, Night modes to adjust the brightness and auto fill. Download it here.

Dolphin web browser

This browser is available in 5 MB package and has certain awesome features. It supports videos and runs smoothly on Android devices. Some of Dolphin browser features:

  • User can access the web using their personal symbols;
  • Helps user install the Add-ons for the tasks which they need at fingertips with pre loading of the required tabs on the right hand side of the browser;
  • It supports data synchronization  across Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers through Chrome, Firefox and Safari;
  • Browser supports voice search;
  • User need not toggle between screens, because tabbed browsing lets user browse as if they are on desktop;
  • Most visited web sites can be added as speed dials to the screen for future use;
  • WiFi Broadcast allowed i.e. browser helps user to share links with friends nearby on the WiFi network;
  • Customization of themes and walls papers allowed;
  • Browser’s app store allows access to almost all the web pages.

Download it here.

The above are some of the top web browsers that we at Techworm like, however there may be others which are better than those given above. If you have found a better web browser kindly drop the name of the browser with your reasons which makes the browser useful, in the comments section so it can help readers to start using that browser.

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