User suffers third degree burns after an iPhone explodes in his pocket

Erik Johnson suffers 3rd degree burns after iPhone 5c explodes in his pocket

29 year old Erik Johnson from Long Island has had a bad experience with iPhone 5C he owns. The man claims he cannot work after he suffered burns from his iPhone when it burst into flames.

Speaking the CBS News reporter, Sophia Hall, Johnson said that he was still in pain.  Talking about the incident from his Lindenhurst home, Johnson said that he was in New Jersey with his cousin and all of a sudden all hell broke loose out of blue.  His iPhone 5C which he had kept in his front hip pocket exploded and caused him several burns on legs.

“All I heard was a pop, and it started fizzling, and it just started to burn my leg,” he told Hall. “It went to a pretty much instant burn, it didn’t even warm up; it just went to burn. And the only way I could get the phone away from me was to rip off my pants to get the phone out.”

The injuries were severe therefore Johnson was taken to a hospital.  The hospital said that Johnson had suffered third-degree burns on his leg.  Johnson had to spent 10 days in the hospital recuperating.

“You don’t expect something like this to happen, never,” he said. “It’s still hard to grasp the concept of this happening.”

This is not the first time an iPhone burning incident is being reported. Back in October, 2014, Phillips Lechter had claimed that the brand new iPhone 6 he bought had given him 2nd degree burns after bending in his pocket.

Phillip Lechter claims that his all new iPhone 6 “caught on fire”, burning through his jeans and injuring his leg with second degree burns.

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