Vigilante justice gone wrong : Hacker mistakenly hacks City, Police Websites two years after the cop was jailed

“Bitcoin Baron” took down city and police websites to revenge a teenager abused by a Police Officer of San Marcos, Texas, sadly the the officer was already fired and jailed nearly two years ago

This one is a classic case of vigilante justice going wrong.  A hacker called “Bitcoin Baron” took down the town and police department websites by hacking into them for exacting a revenge against a woman assaulted by a police officer. However Bitcoin Baron’s news channels seemed to outdated as the said police officer had already been removed from police service and jailed for the same offence two years ago.

However the hacking has already been done and at the time of writing this article the website of City of San Marcos, Texas as well as that of the San Marcos Police Department is down.

Bitcoin Baron, the hacker who took down these sites said that the had targeted the sites to demand a police officer named James Palermo be fired from San Marcos Police Department and imprisoned for injuring Alexis Adelphi.

Palermo who as a police officer had allegedly bashed up and injured Alexis who was a college student.  This incident took place in 2013 when Palermo wrongly tried to arrest her. As of result of Palermo’s manhandling the poor teenager, she lost two teeth and suffered a concussion during the altercation.

“Your police department is disgusting,” the hacker says in a video released Monday night. “I bet you’ve known [Palermo’s] past and [are] still employing him…in no way will I stop ’til Palermo is in prison.”

Everything Bitcoin Baron did was ethically correct accept for one minor error with the dates. Bitcoin Baron’s target, James Palermo had already been indicted for assaulting Alexis. As of consequence of the indictment, Palermo had been removed from the San Marcos police department and was serving a jail sentence for the offence.

A classic case of vigilante justice coming a bit late for San Marcos PD.

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