WhatsApp calling to come to iPhone and Windows Phone in couple of weeks

WhatsApp For iOS and WhatsApp for Windows Phone Will Receive Voice Calling Feature In A Few Weeks

WhatsApp calling, the voice-over-data feature on WhatsApp was made available to Android users after a couple of flip flops by WhatsApp engineers. Now users need to download the latest version of WhatsApp and enjoy voice calling through VoIP protocol, however the enable voice call feature has not been activated due to some technical reasons.

Last week iPhone users have also been spotted using the calling feature, which means that the developers have started testing WhatsApp on the iOS platform too.  WhatsApp has said that WhatsApp calling will also be available on Windows Phone in a couple of weeks.

For iPhone users who have jailbroken iOS aboard their smartphone, they can use this technique given by TheFuseJoplin.com :

1.) You will need to install AppSyn and download the latest WhatsApp BETA version. Then you have to add the cydia.angelxwind.net and apt.imokhles.com repository on the Cydia sources.

2.) Download the latest version of the WhatsApp beta application and WhatsApp Call Enabler. You have to make sure that WhatsApp Call Enabler is activated in the settings.

3.) After voice calls are activated, however you will need to have someone call you through WhatsApp and restart your iPhone.

For Windows Phone users, WindowsTeca, an Italian website has reported about a leaked email from WhatsApp team to developers inviting Italian developers to help translate WhatsApp for Windows Phone, which includes the calling feature.

As of now neither WhatsApp nor its current owner, Facebook has given any official confirmation about the release WhatsApp calling for iPhone or Windows Phone however the workarounds and the leaks reveal that it should be available by end of April on all iPhones and Windows Phones. BlackBerry users though would have to wait a little bit longer.

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