State Censorship : Popular blogging platform banned in Pakistan

Pakistan authorities ban website, self-hosted blogs on still available

The game of political upmanship for state censorship continues with Pakistan today blocking users access to popular blogging platform

Several users have reported that they cant access sites hosted on but it looks like self hosted blogs on have been spared. The users who operated blogs on are greeted with the following message :

Pakistan authorities ban website, self-hosted blogs on still available

Many users said that the block has been implemented by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) though there is no word of the block from the authorities or the WordPress foundation.

Pakistan seems to be following footsteps of its neighbours, China and India in the game of censorship. Already sites like YouTube are banned in Pakistan with other sites like Facebook, Twitter, IMDb, Flickr etc blocked intermittently by the Pak authorities much to the annoyance of Internet users in Pakistan.

Update# Many of our readers from Pakistan have notified us that is working in Pakistan.


  1. I can access from Rawalpindi. I am visiting wordpress time and again after hearing these rumours which are taking place as the “so called news”. Please don’t publish anything without proof. Journalism should be ethical and responsible.


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