Anonymous Hacker likely to get more jail term than the Steubenville Rapists he exposed

Anonymous Hacker to spend more time behind bars than the Steubenville Rapists he exposed

Deric Lostutter, the 26-year-old “hacktivist” who leaked the proof that led to the imprisonment of two of the Steubenville, Ohio rapists is now facing more jail term than the rapists he disclosed. The Steubenville Rape Case made national headlines when a video made by the rapists themselves, and their friends, confirmed that their victim was in an unconscious state and unable to give permission.

Instead of thanking Lostutter for disclosing these criminals, the FBI raided his house last April. Initially, Lostutter denied that he was the man in the video; however, he decided to come forward after the rapists received astounding reaction once they were exposed.

Lostutter is currently facing ten years jail term if accused for obtaining tweets and social media posts that disclosed the details of the rape as well as for dire consequences against the Steubenville rapists and school officials who assisted in covering up the crime. The case caught national attention leading to the cover-up once Lostutter posted the video on the Steubenville High School football team website.

News of Lostutter’s 10-years jail term comes when one of the rapists, Ma’Lik Richomond, 16, was just released from prison for “good behavior.”

Following the release of Ma’Lik, the Richomond family released a statement that focused on how hard the past 16 months have been for him. The attorney representing the rape victim stated there was no apology made to her in that statement.

“Although everyone hopes convicted criminals are rehabilitated, it is disheartening that this convicted rapist’s press release does not make a single reference to the victim and her family — whom he and his co-defendant scarred for life. One would expect to see the defendant publicly apologize for all the pain he caused rather than make statements about himself. Rape is about victims, not defendants. Obviously, the people writing his press release have yet to learn this important lesson,” attorney Robert Fitzsimmons said.

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