TRAI website hacked by Anonymous India after they reveal email details of over 1 million Net Neutrality supporters

The Indian arm of the online hacktivist collective, Anonymous today brought down the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)  website through a Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack. Anonymous India said that it had attacked TRAI for making public the email IDs of 1 million petitioners in favour of net neutrality.

Anonymous India made a series of tweets claiming responsibility for bringing down and also warned that the site will soon be hacked.

Earlier in the day, the TRAI made public the email id’s of 1 million petitioners, who had emailed TRAI in favour of strict net neutrality laws in India. As part of the consultation on net neutrality, the TRAI had invited Indian users to email them directly and convey their views on their consultation paper by 24 April. The response was overwhelming with over 1.1 million mails being sent to the TRAI in under two weeks.

It is not know who in TRAI is exactly responsible for this intentional leak of the email ids. Such publication of email ids could be used for spamming or spear phishing attacks against the individuals who had petitioned in favour of net neutrality.