App Leak : Google’s MVNO set to come up with pay-per gigabyte plans offer, rollover data, accompanying app and many more

Tycho App leak points Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) services to be launched by Google;  Will offer pay-per gigabyte plans, data rollover, supporting apps and much more

Google’s wireless network has been in news for several months now, with the recent reports claiming that it is to offer free international roaming services. A leaked app from Google that seems to pair with its wireless network has been unearthed by Android Police. The said app gives you details regarding the payment arrangement, activation, and much more.

While the app itself is codenamed Tycho, the app code makes citation to “Nova,” which is said to be the gossiped name of Google’s MVNO. Currently, it seems that Tycho relates to the software that is being developed for its MVNO by Google, while the hardware infrastructure that is being developed relates to Nova. A lot of references has been made to “Project Fi” by the app, which is rumored to be just a temporary name for the service by Android Police. After the MVNO is launched, it is expected to be simply called Google Wireless.

The app itself appears to have similar features to that of apps from other wireless carriers. It would allow the customers to pay bills and manage their data usage, as well as alter plan details. However, it is rumored that Tycho also has the ability to activate service and request a new number directly from the app. This, in comparison to the apps of other wireless carriers, is somewhat dynamic.

Another revelation of the leaked app suggests that Google would charge users by the gigabyte for its services used. For example, if too much data has been bought by a user at the beginning of a month, the balance amount will be carried forward to the next month. If a user ends up utilizing more than their allotted amount, more can be purchased for the same price per gigabyte. Further, calling and messaging U.S. based numbers is free with a minimal fee associated with international communications.

Google’s MVNO as expected supports numerous lines and shared data, as well. As simple as a flat rate is added to your monthly bill for adding an extra line. All devices can access the same pool of data. Devices like tablets are provided support for data-only service by MVNO. It seems Project Fi also has the support to toggle between phones without the need to exchange SIM cards. All calls and texts can be rerouted to another phone automatically by the users with the help of Project Fi.

It was reported earlier this year that Nova would allow users to toggle between T-Mobile and Sprint for data. The leaked app makes remarks to both of those carriers, and also to auto-switching, however, things are still very unclear at this point. But if we take the earlier report and this new small evidence into consideration, it seems in all likelihood that Nova would infact support auto-switching.

Other various small bits of information include the fact that Project Fi will enable users to port their Google Voice number to the service and also help in financing the purchase of a Nexus 6. The earlier rumor claimed that Google’s MVNO would only support the Nexus 6. However, this app doesn’t accept or deny that but only offers information that only the Nexus 6 will be available for financing through Google. Lastly, Google appears to be all set to track usage with Project Fi, as well. This is the same thing that it does with Gmail, YouTube, and Search. Google is said to track call history and use that information to provide the users with more poignant advertisements.

It seems that a Google I/O 2015 launch is more likely to happen; although, it is still vague when Project Fi/Nova/Tycho/Google Wireless will be launched to the public.

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