Hyperkin is building “Smart Boy” which would turn iPhone6 into Game Boy

Smart Boy: Hyperkin is building Game Boy compatible hand held device for the smartphones.

Hyperkin arranged for a press release to give inputs regarding their new device “Smart Boy” wherein it was revealed that  “originally a planned April Fool’s Joke” is now “a full-fledged project for consumer release.” Hyperkin is working on a new concept wherein the smartphone can be converted into Game Boy by using a hand held device known as Smart Boy and this news went viral on the Reditt as it seemed impossible to covert a smartphone into Game Boy…..however yes it is very much possible though still under development stages.

Originally a video game hardware developer, Hyperkin is all set to build a Game Boy compatible hand held device “Smart Boy” for iPhone 6 Plus and in future for other smartphones as well. The device Smart Boy, will be an attachment for the iPhone 6 which will give users the experience of playing the Game Boy game on a more sophisticated screen and also without the batteries as the device will be provided with in built batteries. As per Hyperkin, Smart Boy will run through an exclusive downloadable app which will further bring “noticeable upscaling,” a cheat database and save states.

Hyperkin’s product developer, Chris Gallizzi said: “We wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices.” Also when Daily Dot inquired Gallizzi if users will be able to use the device with other smartphones, he confirmed that the device is still under early conceptual stages, however the Hyperkin team wants users of Android as well as Windows phones to enjoy this feature.

According to Gallizzi, Smartboy would have an eight way D pad, two action buttons, a start and select button, inbuilt battery which can be charged through the phone, the game will use the smartphone’s screen as its output. As of now the device will be available in grey color however Hyperkin will bring more colors in future. Gallizzi also announced that as the project develops the traditional Game Boy would have modern features incorporated in it.

Hyperkin’s new device still seems to be unbelievable and more of a April fool’s joke however this joke will soon turn into reality once Hyperkin releases the date for Smartboy’s release, which is yet to be declared.

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