Warp Drive no longer a fantasy, NASA working on Warp Drive technology

NASA working on technology that could take us to the moon faster than a cross-country flight.

Warp Drive remains etched in our brain thanks to the sci-fi movies and serials like Star Trek where the spaceships zoom about in the space in matter of seconds. Now warp drive may not remain a fantasy if things go according to what NASA has planned.

According to NASASpaceFlight.com NASA has successfully tested a revolutionary new means of space travel that could one day allow for humans to travel at insane speed. According to NASASpaceFlight, NASA is testing warp drive like speeds in hard vacuum like that of outer space for the first time and the technology is based on the electromagnetic drive, or EM drive.

EM drive seeks to convert electrical energy into thrust without propellant (the fuel in rockets) which is technologically impossible because it violates the law of conservation of momentum. Scientists from the US, UK and China have demonstrated the EM drive over the past 15 years or so. NASA’s tests in conditions that mimic outer space, however, bring a new sense of possibility to electromagnetic propulsion.

NASA has declined to comment on EM or the testing of warp drive speeds but Paul March, the engineer who has been working on the EM drive at JSC, told CNET.

“My work at Eagleworks (the lab at JSC where the EM drive is being tested) is just a continuation of my work tackling the fundamental problem that has been hindering manned spaceflight from the termination of the Apollo moon program. That being the availability of a robust and cost-effective power and propulsion technology that can break us loose from the shackles of the rocket equation.”

If indeed NSA is testing warp drive speeds and is successful, this could open a new chapter in space exploration and open up new galaxies for humans.


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