Arduino Hack Lets You Control GTA V in-Game mobile Using Your iPhone (video)

The newly released Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V has a few mobile apps of its own but and enterprising modder has come out with a unique GTA 5 hack which lets you, the gamer control the in-game mobile phone with an iPhone.

The hack which was spotted by Dave Hinkle on YouTube lets scroll through text messages on-screen, peep your current list of objectives and, among other things, even control the in-game phone’s camera.


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Gamers who enjoy tinkering with Arduino are sure to find this hack interesting but the person creating the video has not let out the procedure yet.

The hack uses an Arduino Leonardo micro-controller board together with an Ethernet shield that has then been connected to the PC running the recently released PC version of the Grand Theft Auto game created by Rockstar.

Video of the hack :