Hackers are charging $90 to hack a Gmail account, $350 for Facebook on Hackers List

Hackers listed on hack renting portal charge as low as  $90 to hack a Gmail account and $350 for hacking Facebook

A website called Hackers List offers users world class hackers for a fee and making quite a business model out of it.  The Hackers List offers services for wiping out unwanted photos from a website, gaining access to a company’s database or to gain access to somebody’s email accounts.

According to the pricelist on the Hackers List websites, Individuals who want to hire a hacker to get into someone’s Gmail account will only have to pay about $90 for the service. The website says “Hacking a Gmail address can come in handy if you lose your account password, manage other people’s business accounts or simply want to improve your computer skills,” subtly diverting the fact that hacking your Gmail is not required because of multiple ways available to users to regain their Gmail accounts and this listing is meant for hacking other peoples Gmail accounts.

“If you want to crack Gmail passwords, you can hack Gmail with browser settings, phishing and keylogging software and special scripts,” the websites says.

While the most sought after hacking item on Hackers List website remains hacking into someone else’s Facebook account. Getting into someone’s Facebook account is also relatively inexpensive and costs around $350.

Other hacking prices include, altering a Yelp rating sells for as much as $300, stealing someone’s Hilton HHonor points costs about $15 and gaining access to a stranger’s NetFlix account is only $1.25.

The Hackers List also offers tutorials and DIY kits for wannabe hackers for a professional fee as low as $20.

Customers on the site are required to log in using their Facebook account and are encouraged to ‘Hire the right hacker'(sic).

‘Hiring a hacker shouldn’t be a difficult process, we believe that finding a trustworthy professional hacker for hire should be a worry free and painless experience. At Hacker’s List we want to provide you with the best opportunity to find your ideal hacker and for professional hackers around the world to find you,’ advertises the website.

Hacker’s List founders claim they’re insulated from any legal liability because they don’t condone or endorse any illegal activities. Furthermore, “Hacker’s List includes a 10-page terms and conditions section to which all users must agree,” which specifically forbids using “the service for any illegal (sic) purposes.”

The website has been in operation since October 2014 and is still going strong.


  1. Hello Vijay, thanks for your this alert. How i am afraid about this. Would you please help me how to safe my Facebook and Gmail Accounts from Hacker? Caz, I am an Internet Marketer, Blogger. So i am getting daily mails and a lot’s important mails from my clients and Doing important meeting/chatting with my Friends on Facebook. And these 2 are really so much important for me. Specially for Blogging, i need to safe my Gmail Address


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