Kim Kardashian has leaked select private raunchy snaps she sent to rapper husband Kanye West ahead of her new selfie book release

They say no publicity is bad publicity and leaking one’s nude images is a sure shot winner ahead of book launch. At least Kim Kardashian thinks so.

Kim Kardashian has leaked few of her own private selfie snaps that she used to send her rapper husband Kanye West ahead of her new selfie book release.

Kardashian’s latest 40-page selfie book will have her most famous pouting snaps and some of her most controversial nude images according to sources.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’ star has shared her nude pictures that she sent to her 37-year-old rapper husband and the ones that she has included in her soon-to-be-released selfie book ‘Kim Kardashian West: Selfish’, the Daily Star reported.

The leaked cache includes a hot mirrored selfie in which¬†Kim appears to write: “Mirrored selfie I took to send my husband for a little inspiration.” The Daily Star has released snaps from inside the book ahead of the big reveal, showing the star in nothing but her skin as she poses for Kanye’s eyes only.

The leaks are assumed to be just a trailer of Kardashian’s forthcoming 40-page long selfie book which is reportedly said to include images of Kardashian entering in wet T-shirt competition.