Facebook Messenger Switches Off Automatic Location Tracking, But It Can Still Be Shared

Good news for privacy lovers, Facebook Messenger will no longer track your location by default. However you can turn it on by tapping on the “More” button towards the bottom-right of a chat window and selecting “Location.” The new feature also allows you to share a map of your location or select the exact venue that you are visiting like a restaurant or a movie theater. The Facebook Messenger now allows you to share locations of places even if you are not there at that time.

Facebook kills automatic location tracking but lets users share locations on Facebook Messenger

Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook’s head of product management for messaging products, said that Facebook Messenger does not receive location information about you unless location services are enabled on your phone for the app. According to him the Facebook Messenger app does not gather location data in the background and does not ask for new permissions for your information.

The new feature is active in both Android and iOS devices, to disable location tracking on your Android smartphone, go to Settings > Location sharing and switch it to off. In iPhone, iPad or iPod Shuffle, you can configure your location by visiting Settings > Privacy > Location > Services.

You can check whether your Facebook Messenger sends location by visiting your FB Messenger Chat threads. If the location tracking is enabled that it is indicated by a blue arrow icon pointing northeast.