Google To Launch New App Streaming Service For Android Similar To NVIDIA Grid

Google’s New App Streaming Service For Android To Allow Users to Use Apps Without Installing Them

If you are a game lover and spend most of your time playing games, then you would surely be well-known with NVIDIA’s Grid service that lets users to stream popular PC games to any Shield device. It looks like Google will offer Android a service of the same kind very soon.

Google is reportedly working on a secret project that will allow Android users to stream apps over the web, according to a new report coming from The Information. This would imply that one would not have to download apps and install them on one’s mobile device, as one would be given permission to retrieve them directly through their browser.

According to the sources associated with the matter describe that Google has bought Agawi, the web-based app streaming startup with the intention of building a service of its own. Agawi is a company that specializes in technology that lets you to stream apps with very low latency.

In the past, Agawi has been known for teaming up with NVIDIA; however, the exact details pertaining to their joint association have not been made known to the public. Still, it was assumed things were related to NVIDIA’s Grid streaming service we were telling you about above.

Taking into consideration that users will be given permission to stream apps as they would stream music from Spotify, they would not have to give extra money to get their smartphones fitted with higher memory capacity.

In order to get a smartphone that has 64GB of internal storage, or even 128GB for that matter, many people end up paying a premium to grab the same. However, if Google’s so called claimed service gets the green signal, then there is no reason why customers would not be able to agree for a lot less.

There is no actual need for the lesser-used apps to be stored on mobile devices, as many of the users anyway do not use all that many apps.

To have a better battery life, one should store less apps are stored on the phone as most of these applications get tapped into cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS antenna in order to continue maintaining their up-to-date status.

Besides, the phone would not have to come with top-tier internal hardware created for supporting advanced mobile apps.

Some concerns, on the other hand may emerge on the subject of data usage increasing very steeply; however, it might be that Google’s service may not be able to stream the entire app but only some parts of the app. The same principle is applicable to Spotify.

According to the current reports, this app streaming service in the beginning may be put into effect in the form of free trials. That means that the users would be allowed to try the app for 30 seconds or two minutes in the first phase, at the time of which they would be able to make a decision if the app is worth their while or not.

However, if the user’s decision is against the app, then there is no need to worry as no money has been charged. They can go ahead and test other applications to see if they like those.

Amazon had implemented a similar idea with the Test Drive feature that was made available from their App Store. Regrettably, this year in April, as the service was stopped, it never got the chance to make an impression.

Google has yet not officially announced regarding the Agawi startup acquisition. So until then, we will need to take this piece of information with a big chunk of salt.

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