Test the Windows 10 and get it for free from Microsoft

Microsoft is constantly clearing out confusions as to how it would be making the next version of Windows 10 available to its users. Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade to those running original Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 versions, provided it is installed within a year of its official launch on July 29. However, those running the fake version will be charged.

In its latest announcement, Microsoft said that if you install the latest Windows 10 preview (build 10130) on a device and use a Microsoft Account that is registered for the Windows Insider program, then it will offer the final version of Windows 10 for free. According to its blog, it says that once Windows 10 is available on July 29, registered previewers will simply need to upgrade with no charge.

Yesterday, Gabe Aul of Microsoft confirmed this method as part of a new blog post describing some new changes to the way the company tests Windows 10. “As long as you are running an Insider Preview build and connected with the MSA (Microsoft Account) you used to register, you will receive the Windows 10 final release build and remain activated,” says Aul.

To receive updated builds, Microsoft will soon need testers to use a Microsoft Account, and even after Windows 10 is finalized testers can opt-in and in the coming months keep getting future test versions. So if you’re running older versions of Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can install the Windows 10 preview and get the final version on the launch day (July 29).

However, if you are running the Enterprise edition of the Windows 10 Insider Preview, you will have to download it to upgrade to the final release of Windows 10 Enterprise and activate it from Volume Licensing Service Center, as this version does not qualify for free upgrade.