OnePlus releases Cyanogen OS 12 Firmware version YNG1TAS2I3 for OnePlus One smartphones

OnePlus One Fixes Touchscreen And Bluetooth Issues with New Cyanogen OS 12 BuildĀ Version YNG1TAS2I3

Despite its well-deserved admiration and fame, the OnePlus One, has some flaws. Apart from the fact that OnePlus has some of the most absurd although effective marketing of any tech company today, the flagship phone itself has been harassed with some pretty annoying problems.

Especially, OnePlus has problems with problems sending MMS on some carriers, Bluetooth connectivity with in-car systems and most importantly issues with touch screen sensitivity. However, though, it looks now like these problems are finally fixed.

There is finally some good news for the users of OnePlus One, as the latest release of Cyanogen OS Version YNG1TAS2I3 is meant to fix all the above three problems. The same was posted on the Cyanogen’s website. This is a full ROM file coming in at 566 MB and not an over-the-air update. So one will have to flash it in recovery like a standard build.

The following items are fixed in the update (via Android Police):

*Touchscreen sensitivity

*Bluetooth connectivity with several in-car systems

*MMS sending on several carriers

Officially, this build is still based on Android 5.0 and not on the latest 5.1.1. While it may not be based on the latest AOSP build, but it should be an improvement over the current in theory.

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