Russian Developers Create Brain Computer Interface That Controls Machines by Thought

Ditch your remote, brain controlled TV soon a possibility with brain computer interface developed by Russian researchers

Imagine a day in future when you can ask your TV to change a channel just by thinking about it or to tell your Air-conditioner to switch because it’s too cool just by thinking about it. Russian researchers are close to making this all a reality.

Russian researcher and developers from Advanced Research Fund (ARF) claim to have created a “brain-computer” interface that allows for machines to be controlled by the power of thought.

Andrei Grigoryev, the head of Russia’s Advanced Research Fund (ARF) told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti that “We have completed a ‘brain-computer’ interface project which has been tested repeatedly.” He added that the federal government is interested in the ways and expertise used to develop the product. Grigoryev stated that “according to our law, we will transfer the related intellectual property to government agencies as well as the end product itself.”

Grigoryev also stated that they have the necessary funding to test the brain computer interface for development phase.

According to the developers, the interface uses human brain’s electrical activity which is registered using the electroencephalography approach. This method is already widely used in medicine.

The research fund for advanced studies was created in 2012.  Earlier this year the ARF had demonstrated a robot control system using the electrical signals of the human brain to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

ARF’s primary objective is to pursue scientific research for Russian defence and state security and currently has 53 approved projects of which 31 are in the development phase.

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