Top 10 free Android Apps for month of June 2015

Top 10 best free Android Apps for the month of June 2015 which every Android user must have in their smartphone

With the advent of new month it’s time we revamp our Android apps and games and get the latest and much more useful apps from the Google Play Store. Now, again for the month of June our team has randomly picked up top 10 Android apps which we feel every Android user must give a try.

Facebook Messenger

Are you a social person who loves to be in constant touch with your friends? Then get this Facebook Messenger app and reach out instantly to your friends and dear ones for absolutely free of cost!! With the Messenger app texting is much easy and also one need not pay for every message as it can work with the data plan. Messenger can work not only for Facebook friends but one can also send messages to people in the phone book. With Messenger users also get chat and group chat options, option of clicking photos and shooting videos right from the app and sharing them. User can continue their conversation even when using other apps though it is bit irksome. Calls through Wi-Fi are free or else the standard data charges apply in case one wishes to make local or international calls. With various other awesome features this is indeed one of the best app for Android device. To download the Facebook Messenger App visit this link.

Snap Me Up

Snap Me Up is a kind of an alarm app. Are you a person who cannot wake up with the buzz of an alarm, then this is the right app which ought to be there in your Android device. The alarm can be turned off only if you click your selfie which gets stored in “My sleepy snaps” album that can be watched and shared on social networking sites. All the snaps taken are absolutely private and personal which only the user of the device can see unless they opt to share it. Besides, if you ever wonder how you look like early morning as soon as you get up then this is the app which you should try and yes…try to get up with a smiling face each day! Get this app now from the given link.

Google Spotlight Stories

Developers and critically acclaimed filmmakers are actually bringing stories to life by using the latest advanced technology in smartphones. By using 2D and 3D animations along with various other advanced technologies the screen of smartphone unfolds into a story. Google Spotlight stories takes you to a world of storytelling that has been made specifically for you. The smartphone device turns into a movie theater with this app. Right now this app is not compatible with all the devices, however you can try out if your smartphone supports this App and get more information by visiting this link.


This is one of the awesome live streaming apps which allows user to create live videos and broadcast it to the entire world. As soon as the video goes live it immediately notifies followers of the user who can then join or comment or even send hearts in real time. Users can replay the broadcast or lock it to be watched by some specific people i.e. make it private, tweet it, manage notifications and the most interesting is the ‘hearts’ as the app keeps a track of how many hearts the user actually gets from its viewers so more the number of hearts, user reaches higher in the ‘Most Loved’ list. Interested! then get this app now from here.

Meme Generator

If you are a creative person then get this app and create some of the funniest memes and then share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+,  Email, Dropbox, Picasa. If a person creates the memes in the right way then it can surely convey the message in the correct sense. Meme Generator features more than 600 awesome memes. It has various features which includes image cropping, combining multiple saved memes into one  multi panel meme and many more. Get to know more about this app by downloading from the given link

Echo Notification LockScreen

This is one of the best, fastest lock screen for the notifications on Android device. The app features as one of the top app by Google and has been the choice of users over more than 50 countries. Echo locker is very easy to install and is not a widget also user need not change their launcher settings.  To download this awesome LockScreen App follow this link.

Classnote: Simple Timetable

By using the Classnote app users can organize their assignments and manage their timetable easily. ‘Material Design’ is a new language developed by Google and this application has been build using this new design language. Classnote has an easy UI and can be combined with the school timetable for convenience and better management. Definitely recommended for students who wish to use this simple school timetable application and organize themselves. The application works with Android 4.0.3 and later versions of Android. Download Classnote from here.

Office Lens

Microsoft’s Office Lens is as good as having a scanner in your pocket. Office Lens is one of the must have apps as it is very handy. You can scan a receipt or any document and the resultant image can be converted into a Word document or PowerPoint slide or even into a PDF file and saved to OneNote or OneDrive. Thus it would basically digitize the notes on whiteboards or blackboards. User can sketch their ideas and snap a picture thus helping themselves to remember it later. Definitely a must for professionals and students. Get the details of the app and download if from here.

CM Data Manager-Speed Test

This is one of the reliable apps which can help users to manage the data of their Android device. With the help of the app users can check not only the network speed at all times but also data usage and further monitor the data usage in background as well as foreground. What’s more, users can also save their phone bills by blocking the apps that waste the data allowances. Extremely recommended for users who are facing the problem of running out through their data plans rather quickly, also for the ones who are unnecessarily paying for every MB they are using and for those who want to find the apps that are responsible for wasting their data. Thus if budgeting data and saving the phone bill is your agenda then this is the right app for you. Get the details of the app and download it right now from here.

QuizUp (remake)

This free, award winner multi player trivia game has been revamped with easy and much attractive UI. Users can now meet opponents based on criteria like age, topics, gender thus meeting like minded people becomes easy with this app. Users can also play QuizUp on the desktop using this app. Get this app today from the given link.

These top 10 apps would help users to enhance their communication with their family and friends, improvise their lifestyle, indulge in social fun and entertainment, organize their schedules, aid in education and productivity with better tools, and definitely allows them to rewind themselves from the busy schedule and indulge in some fun games.

Readers might feel there are some other more important and useful apps in the Google Play Store that ought to be a part of this article, please feel free to mention that in the comments so as to benefit other readers.

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