Leaked files of NASA’s ‘Planet X’ indicate NASA knew Nibiru was coming say Conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists believe that NASA already knew about the advancing Planet X (Nibiru)

According to Conspiracy theorists, a new study reveals that NASA and U.S. government were aware for quite some time that Planet X (Nibiru) is advancing and it would bring cataclysmic consequences for humanity.

A new scientific study published in 2014 claimed the existence of an anonymous mysterious planet hiding behind Pluto. Scientists were studying the impact of gravitation on the “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” (ETNOs), which are a group of space bodies, while orbiting our Solar System beyond the planet Neptune.

Currently a large number of messages and YouTube videos are being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere and claiming that a NASA study which was published in 1988 had revealed the details about this mysterious Planet X / Nibiru. The study also revealed that Planet X has an orbital period of about 1000 years.

According to Conspiracy theorists, the study demonstrated that insiders from NASA, United States Department of Defense (DOD), SETI and CIA were aware of the advancement of the mysterious Planet X and its cataclysmic consequences. The Vatican has also been informed regarding this rogue Planet X and it is just the public who has been kept in dark regarding the approaching catastrophe.

However, the information regarding the rogue Planet X and its catastrophic consequences on humanity has been leaked despite NASA’s efforts to keep this information a secret.

Conspiracy theorists also believe that the recently leaked files of NASA’s ‘Planet X’  indicates that NASA knew Nibiru was coming. Planet X has a very bad reputation, hundreds of years ago when it had passed through the inner solar system, then its gravitational impact had resulted in disrupting the orbits of other planets. NASA is fully aware that the next disruptive passage of Planet X into the inner solar system is due and expected to be pretty soon.

A statement from Inquisitr says ‘Planet X is approaching Earth and already sending waves of charged “plasmatic energy particles” through our solar system. The flow of energy will finally disrupt the “core flows” of the Earth and trigger catastrophic changes in Earth’s climate.’

Since 1996, the advancement and disruptive effects of Planet X has been experienced on Earth in the form of irregular weather patterns, natural disasters and increased volcanic eruptions and seismic activities.

Researchers have submitted a comprehensive report to White House and it speculates that almost two-thirds of Earth’s population could be completely wiped out during the forth coming pole shift which would be induced by Planet X.

Further, the remaining survivors would have to face extreme starvation and could be exposed to elements and thus would perish eventually in the next six months.

Thus, conspiracy theorists believe that the secretive government agencies are fully aware of this fact and are thus preparing themselves; however the public is still kept in dark and is neither warned nor given a chance to prepare for this doomsday.

Zecharia Sitchin, the world renowned scholar and author of “The 12th Planet” had indicated that the Nibiru would return. He had also stated:

“When Planet X returns, it would remove 90% of currently unsatisfactory human beings from the planet!”

As per Zecharia Sitchin, Planet Nibiru is an alleged planet of the alien Anunnaki which makes a close approach to Earth as it passes through the inner Solar System during its orbital path which occurs once in every 3,600 years. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Planet X referred to in the NASA files is not linked to this planet ‘Nibiru’, on the contrary a majority of conspiracy theorists insist that NASA’s ‘Planet X’ is the same ‘Nibiru’ which Sitchin had indicated.

As of now it is quite unclear if the Planet X mentioned in the purported NASA files is the same one which scientific researchers had announced in 2014, which is believed to be hiding in our Solar system beyond Pluto.

A research study titled “Extreme trans-Neptunian objects and the Kozai mechanism: signaling the presence of trans-Plutonian planets.” was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters, in June 2014. The study revealed that our Solar system shows presence of two planets which are larger than Earth and sneaking beyond Pluto which can be detected by their gravitational influences.

Professor Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, at the Complutense University of Madrid and leading the study said: “Observations of the behavior of the ETNOs objects beyond Neptune reveal the gravitational influence of massive astronomical objects beyond Pluto.”

As per the emerging conspiracy theory, NASA’s New Horizons mission commenced in 1990 with its Pluto 350 which is approximately two years after the 1988 publication that revealed existence of Planet X. Now, New Horizon’s final destination is Planet X; however it has not revealed this publicly and pretended that the final destination of their space craft would be Pluto and the Kuiper belt.

In 1990s, NASA leaked fake information that as per the latest measurements by Voyager 2, Planet X does not exist and hence it pretended to have stopped the search for Planet X. However, the truth is that measurements taken by Voyager 2 had shown purported irregularities in the orbits of Uranus which was believed to be due to slight overestimation of Neptune’s mass and hence Planet X was thought to be just an assumption and not a reality.

According to conspiracy theorists, the Planet X hypothesis was just a game plan of NASA scientists to cover up the actual destination of New Horizons beyond Pluto and the Kuiper Belt -Planet X.

Conspiracy theorists believe NASA knows that Planet X does exist in reality and the Armageddon is pretty near.

It was in 1846 when planet Neptune was discovered, the search for Planet X began in mid of 19th century it was astronomer Percival Lowell who first proposed the Planet X hypothesis to clarify the irregularities seen in the orbits of the outer giant planets.

Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 discovered planet Pluto and that compelled some astronomers to announce the existence of Planet X. However, by 1978 scientists discovered that Pluto was too small to actually cause the influences on Uranus and Neptune which had been observed by astronomers. This ultimately led scientists to begin their search for the mysterious Planet X which is suppose to be larger than Earth.

It was in March 2014, when Chadwick Trujillo and Scott Sheppard, announced the discovery of the dwarf planet 2012 VP113, which is believed to be part of the inner Oort Cloud and this work was a proof that a planet larger than Earth ‘does’ lurk beyond Pluto.

The orbital behavior of  dwarf planet 2012 VP113 clearly suggested that it was under the gravitational influence of a massive planet that is lurking in the fringes of our Solar system.

Scientists now believe that there is some anonymous mysterious Planet X lurking in the fringes of our Solar system which could probably be ten times bigger than Earth and could be lying about 250 AU from our Sun.

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  1. Could this be why the US Government is activating old underground bunkers and constructing new ones? Seems to be too much of a coincidence to me.

    • Yes, your right, the sneaky government has been working on building underground tunnels and bunkers, with supplies to last about 2 years or more. This project already cost 20 Trillion of our tax dollars. So when you hear about a government shut down, or no money for schools, or no money for our bridges and tunnels, the transit system is short funded, no tax relief, etc…. now you know why..! All to keep government and army officials and the elites who can afford a bunker, safe..! While the rest of us stay above ground and take what comes. On top of this, now, you have military flying big jets, 747, 727 filled with tanks of aluminum particles, barrium, lithium etc… sprying chemtrails in the air since about 2003, to poison the population. You see, the less population could mean the less mass histeria, mayhem, violence, etc.
      How nice, out tax dollars paid for their safety, and now its used to pay for the chemicals to kill off the population….. Great..! According to the bible, Revelations, “they will hide under the rocks”, but who’s going to hide from Jesus or God….?

  2. What a bunch of bullshit, we can see to the far edges of the galaxy and we cant find a planet in our solar sistem. I cant belive the number of idiots beliving in this bullshit of the existence of a misterius planet that is over 1 billion km away from us that has the power of killing humans

    • Honestly, I think if it was as close as they say some ‘amateur’ astronomer would have seen it by now. They can’t possibly silence every person with a telescope. Lots of other reasons I disbelieve Planet X theories, but that’s the biggest one.

      To the above commenter- lots of reasons other than Planet X for the government to be doing all that.

    • I agree. All these sites and videos claim that leaked documents prove that the governments spotted this thing decades ago and are preparing. I have seen no documents or any creditable evidence.

  3. This sort of gibberish calls for an agnostic to give it second thoughts. The most valid explanations to the existence of the universe and its amicable composition is a clear sign of control from a more than able power. Nature knows no anarchy that is not intended to advance its role and purpose. It ends with the same power that started it. These overwrought ‘scientists’ can spend money and on research that generations will live to forget, shelf and pity.

  4. To hell with planet x and nibru.. If apocalypse has to come it can come with simple rain. This is the escapist who resort to such gimmicks. Vedas r ancient texts which does not mention any of such events. Ramadan was written nine hundred fifty thousand years ago. There is lord Shiva watching and he has the ability to thrash planet x or nibru from large distances. Cheer up commentrs. There is nothing to happen

  5. I remember along time ago they discovered planet x as the tenth planet It was about 2000 or 2014 sometime in between there it was on the news

  6. I think some objects cannot be seen by the regular astronomer ( Dark Stars, asteroids, etc) Its distance from earth is not really too important until its outside the galaxy…Depending on its speed, an object can reach earth from pluto in a matter of months if traveling fast enough. If its a large, fast moving object thats also bringing a lot of debris with it…Thats what we need to worry about i nadditiona to a pole shift…It would tear the surface of the earth apart and cause an ELE…No bunker would save you, you would need sheer luck…Now is there a planet X or planetary body headed this way? No one can say for sure but we know a lot of large objects have struck the surface before so to say its nonsense is dishonest and lazy…If something like this is to happen, you can’t do anything about it…Enjoy life each day you can….It does end at some point just like everything else 🙂

  7. If ther is no planet x, why would the propoganda be put out like there is? I think the world leaders are full of shit. They have an agenda and are not going to tell the populous about it. For fear the people will bombard them with violence. This world is not over populated so the need to exterminate the population is rediculous. My opinion? All government leaders should be exterminated. They war between themselves and the civilian population are their pawns. Why should we have to bare the cross. They want to war, then go out on neutral ground and have it out. Let us civilians live in harmony and have sovereign nations. Why do we depend on one man to run our country anyway. None are smart enough to do that. Politicians are worthless, yet they have all the money. We the civilians do all the work and they keep filling their pockets while we starve and die because we cant afford medical insurance. We are smarter then this. We need to unite as a country and put a stop to this political strangulation of our livelyhood. Why has it got so out of control? We need to let them know we are not going to stand for this rich man gets richer and the middle class people and the underprivilledged people work our fingers to the bone and cant afford to see a doctor. We worry and stress over things that are out of our control, while they control every aspect of our lives as they sit in their high and mighty million dollar homes drinking the best of whatever it is they drink laughing at us the whole time. Knowing we struggle everyday while they live like kings because of our hard work. WAKE UP AMERICANS AND DONT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN ANY LONGER.

    • What fucking propaganda? The occasional irritated scientist saying “it doesn’t fucking exist and therefore isn’t going to kill us, quit bothering me about it?”

      I didn’t realize trying to allay the irrational fears of paranoid lunatics and the poor dumb shits that they scare counts as propaganda.

      • Its exactly about crazy responces as MISTER J’s that the government and scientists have to keep it quiet and under the lid, otherwise you get 10 million people like MISTER J start losing control, get all bent out of shape, and cause havoc, mass histeria, mayhem….. imagine, he uses foul language here, imagine if you told him the world was coming to end next week……lol

  8. Love it. It’s beyond Pluto and coming soon? How many hundreds of years would it take a hypothetical planet to near Earth from beyond Pluto?

  9. Of course Planet X is bullshit, Americans buy bullshit yrt the sickness of the American mind is
    like no other of our species.


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