A new app from Swappa that helps you determine how much a device is worth

It could be very annoying when it comes to selling an old smartphone. For instance, if you have listed your old phone on Craiglist, it mostly leads to a series of emails from the buyer wherein he is looking to lower the selling price. Similarly, there is eBay where the final sales price of the phone is left up to chance.

Looks like we have an answer to this. Swappa, a website for buying and selling used smartphones, has released a standalone pricing app. The owners can put a device up for sale on this website, and in turn it would give details on what the current pricing trend is for each device.

Called Swappa Price, the app is a simple way of looking up your smartphone’s value. Convenient and intuitive, it pulls from the Swappa system to bring your device’s trending worth. The data is presented in a useful chart that presents historical pricing.

Currently, the free app is available on Android, while an iOS version is in development. However, no time frame has been provided by the representatives of Swappa as to when the iOS version would be available.

The process of using Swappa Price is very simple. Once you launch the app, you are provided a list of devices to select from and price. Look for the device you want to price, and view the historical pricing graph along with the price range of active listings on the site.

Using two methods, a traditional search box or a filter by brand and carrier option, users can search for a specific phone.

You can then make an informed decision when trading in or selling a smartphone with the pricing information available. Once you are ready to either buy or sell the phone, you can tap on the respective buttons which hand off to the (mobile) Swappa website. From there, you can log into your account and start the process of buying or selling.

There’s a quick “share” feature in the app which links to a phone’s respective listing on the Swappa database. For example, you are assisting your friend to sell his old phone, you can look the phone up and share the link via email, messaging, and more.

Additionally, Swappa Price also helps you find out if a device you are interested in buying is within a fair price range.